barista shares conversations she has had with customers in a tiktok

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‘I would go insane within a few days’: Barista shares ridiculous everyday customer interactions

'I love my job but the convos I've partaken in are bonkers.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Dec 5, 2022

A barista went viral on TikTok after sharing the some of what she calls the most ridiculous encounters she’s had with customers.The video features user Chlo (@chlochlonutwater) as she reenacts some customer interactions during her time as a barista.

In the first part of the clip, she recounts the time a woman ordered a Peach Pear Apricot smoothie and complained about the drink tasted “really bad.”

Chlo says she asked the woman, “what does it taste like?” to which the customer replied, it tastes like “peaches.” Even though Chlo says she provided an explanation that it is, in fact, a Peach Pear Apricot smoothie and it will taste like peaches, the customer says she “hates it” and “wants a different drink.” Chloe says she offered the customer the Four-Berry Drink (blueberry, blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry) and the customer reluctantly accepts it.

Chlo shares is the time a customer requested to see how many reward points she had. Chlo says she told the customer that she has 14 reward points and can use them once she hits 50 points. She claims the customer was confused and demanded to get their reward “now” because she “wants her reward.” Chloe says she reiterated to the customer she has 14 points and can get a reward once she hits 50 and the customer allegedly called it “ridiculous.”

The other interactions involved a customer complaining their drink wasn’t hot enough, a woman claiming she didn’t want dairy in her milkshake made out of ice cream, and another customer who complained that their double espresso had coffee in it, according to Chlo.


i love my job but the convos ive partaken in are bonkers

♬ original sound – chlo

Chlo added in the caption, “I love my job but the convos ive partaken in are bonkers.”

The video racked up 597,000 views as of Monday, resonating with alleged former and current baristas as they shared their outrageous customer experiences.

“I had someone ask me for an iced oat milk latte with no espresso in it… so just a glass of oat milk,” one viewer shared.

“I had a lady order an iced latte and when I handed it to her she said ‘I actually wanted that hot. I don’t think coffee should be served cold’ ???” a second wrote.

“When i was a barista this old lady would complain abt her tea being lukewarm everyday so we had to steam her mug, use the water from the espresso machine, and TAKE THE TEMP FOR HER,” a third said.

“I had a customer today say they just placed an order on the mobile app 1 min ago and didn’t understand why their drink wasn’t ready yet,” a fourth commented.

The Daily Dot reached out to Chlo for comment via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Dec 5, 2022, 10:37 am CST