Target employees standing in parking lot next to cart worker rubbing her hands together caption 'when a guest arrives but didn't let us know they were on their way' (l) Target parking lot with car pulled up to curbside pickup, next to cart with bags (c) Target employees standing arms out in parking lot next to empty cart together caption 'when a guest arrives but didn't let us know they were on their way' (r)

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‘I hope you’re hungry for nothing’: Target worker shares PSA to drive-up customers

‘Expecting us to houdini their order.’


Melody Heald


A Target worker has a public service announcement for shoppers who pick up their orders in the parking lot: A heads-up would be nice.

User @modernday.workaholic typically posts content about her job at Target. In one of her latest videos, the TikToker and a co-worker are in the Target parking lot at night with a drive-up shopping cart, or the cart Target workers use to fulfill drive-up orders. The cart is empty.

“Here we go. I hope you’re hungry for nothing,” the audio that sets the video states.

“When a guest arrives but didnt tell us they were on their way,” the text overlay on the video reads, indicating that when Target shoppers fail to tell workers they are on their way to pick up an order, the order will probably not be ready for them by the time they get to the store.


expecting us to houdini their order outside 🤨

♬ original sound – M.M.

Customers can place drive-up orders in the Target app for free. All the store asks is that customers “let us know you’re coming & what kind of vehicle you’re in,” according to the site.

The video racked up over 330,000 views since it was posted on Sept. 20. Viewers who also say they have experience working with curbside customers resonated with the clip.

“No warnings are the worst especially when it’s 50+ items I be taking my time tho lol,” one said.

“I remember this lady and 3 other people double tapped their 30+ item orders all at once. took me 20 mins to gather just to get belittled by guests,” a second commented.

Workers on TikTok have also made videos about their experiences fulfilling online orders for curbside or drive-up pick-up. A Walmart employee recently called out one customer who parked in the furthest parking space in an empty lot.

The Daily Dot reached out to @modernday.workaholic for comment via TikTok comment.

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