person holding soggy Subway sandwich vertical with caption 'Im boutta throw hands with the doordasher who delivered this' (l) DoorDash worker holding DoorDash branded red bag (c) person holding soggy Subway sandwich vertical while swinging it with caption 'Im boutta throw hands with the doordasher who delivered this' (r)

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‘Why would you send this to my home?’: DoorDash customer blames driver for quality of Subway sandwich, sparking debate

'That’s what you get for door dashing subway in the first place.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Sep 9, 2022

A TikTok user went viral after expressing their disappointment with a Subway sandwich that they received via DoorDash.

The creator’s initial verbiage started a debate in the comments section, with some folks criticizing the man for deciding to use DoorDash to have food delivered from Subway in the first place. Others thought that it was unfair of him to suggest that the delivery driver played a part in the quality of his sub not being up-to-par.

@yeahitsrico someones gotta pay for this bruh #foryoupage #subway ♬ original sound –

Rico (@yeahitsrico) captioned the video with, “someones gotta pay for this bruh,” and a text overlay reads, “Im boutta throw hands with the doordasher who delivered this”.

In the clip, the TikToker and Twitch streamer picks up the sandwich. Even though it’s still wrapped in paper, it’s evident that whatever sauce was used on the meal seeped through, resulting in a soggy mess. Rico dangles the sandwich in front of the camera, where it undulates in the air like a massive, thick wet noodle.

“Nah Subway y’all gotta explain bro what the fuck is this? What is this fucking thing?” he questions. “This isn’t a sandwich. Why would you send this to my home?”

Many TikTokers seemed to take issue with the fact that Rico blamed the catastrophic circumstances in which his sandwich arrived on the DoorDash driver who delivered it, which he apologized for and further explained in the comments section of the viral clip.

“Wait, the DD driver makes the food now?” one commenter asked.

“Did ur doordasher soak it in a bucket of oil?” another added.


There were also other users on the app who said that it wasn’t the Subway location or DoorDash’s fault that his sandwich arrived as a sopping wet mess of inundated bread and mushed together ingredients, and that he should’ve paid closer attention to the type of condiments he was putting on his meal.

“Not ur dashers fault u ordered an oil sandwich,” one user wrote.

“What did you order tho?” a second questioned.

Others just couldn’t understand why Rico would want to DoorDash Subway to his house, while some said that they’ve had experiences with dripping wet sandwiches from the chain in the past too.

“I use to work at subway that’s what you get for door dashing subway in the first place,” one viewer said.

“That’s literally subway. All of their $7 sandwiches are like that. same guy that gets mad Walmart isn’t fresh,” another claimed.

While many people thought that Rico’s decision to load up his order with condiments is what resulted in an utter culinary disappointment, the TikToker rejected this hypothesis in the comments section, stating that the only condiment he added was a small amount of mayonnaise.

“I gave the doordasher a 7 dollar tip and i ordered LIGHT MAYONAISE on my sandwich, stop saying im a bad person for being hungry bruh,” Rico stated.

There were some users who offered up an explanation as to why Rico’s sandwich ended up becoming a wet, unappetizing mass of protein, carbs, and fat, stating that the transportation method may have had something to do with it.

“I think the dasher put it in a hot bag with hot food sadly,” one user suggested.

This “hot on hot” technique, placing a warm food item that contained wet ingredients with toasted bread created a sauna of sorts for the Subway meal, which theoretically resulted in Rico’s sandwich dilemma.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Rico via TikTok comment and Subway via email for further information.

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*First Published: Sep 9, 2022, 11:44 am CDT