shake shack employees mock customers for their sauce orders


‘This one irks my SOUL the most’: Shake Shack workers mock customers’ sauce orders

'Do you guys have Shake Sauce?'


Phil West


Posted on Dec 26, 2022

A Shake Shack employee and TikTok creator has made a series of videos mocking the chain’s customers—and one that pokes fun at a certain sauce request is resonating with viewers.

The video, created by New Jersey-based creator Cassidy (@pure.cassidy), features two people in Shake Shack uniforms role-playing a customer-employee exchange that appears to be in the category of “I wish we could say this and still keep our jobs.”

It starts with the customer role-player looking into a Shake Shack bag and asking, with mock cluelessness, “Uh, do you guys have Shake Sauce?”

The video then cuts to an employer role-player, who responds in an annoyed tone, “You mean Shack Sauce, you dumb fucking bitch?”

@pure.cassidy This one irks my SOUL the most #foryou #fyp #shakeshack ♬ original sound – Cassidy🤠

The video, with the accompanying explainer, “This one irks my SOUL the most,” has resonated with commenters who know that Shack Sauce isn’t called “shake sauce,” garnering more than 690,000 views since it was posted on the platform three weeks ago.

“I used to hate when they were like ‘Can I get the Shake Burger,'” observed one commenter, leading the creator to quip back, “Like, no ma’am, we can’t put a shake in a burger.”

Another confessed, “I spit out my water because I say Shake Shack Sauce.” The creator assessed in response, “That’s just as bad as Shake Sauce.”

One person, however, observed, “They fumbled not calling it Shake Sauce tbh.”

That led the creator to reason, “That would be confusing for other shacks that have actual sauces and toppings for shakes.”

A few of the commenters alluded to working at or having worked at Shake Shack in the past, sharing their own grievances about the chain.

One shared, “When they call asking if we’re open when google says we don’t open for another two hours.”

To that, the creator admitted, “We just stopped answering the phone.”

Another observed, “Or when they say a shake burger,” which led the commenter to respond, “That’s my most recent video before this.”

That video, which follows the same formula as the Shake Sauce one, has a little less than 6,000 views over the same time frame as the viral one.

@pure.cassidy What every shake shack employee wants to say to guest #foryou #fyp #shakeshack #real ♬ original sound – Cassidy🤠

The comment thread reveals that the video had unplanned repercussions for the creator. One commenter warned, “The Starbucks barista who did this trend got fired, stay safe y’all lol.” That appeared to be a reference to a story the Daily Dot covered in October, in which a barista claimed that a skit he made while on the clock and work and posted to TikTok got him fired.

The creator responded, “Too late,” and later in the comments thread, referred to their year on the job in the past tense.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Cassidy via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Dec 26, 2022, 11:59 am CST