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‘So many TikToks out there but mine blows up and I lose my job’: Starbucks barista says he was fired over viral skit

‘That video was actually so funny & free content for Starbucks.’


Melody Heald


A former Starbucks employee went viral on TikTok after revealing he was fired over a skit he made on the clock.

The video starts off with a stitch of a previous video from user Jairo (@j_y_r_o), in which he places two grande iced coffees on the counter for the customer. Jairo calls out, “For Zoey!” The customer asks Jairo, “So which one’s oat milk?” Jairo responds by pointing to the labels on the cups, saying, “Yeah, so, if you open your fucking eyes…” and the video cuts off.

This initial video has received over 19 million views since it was shared Oct. 9, however, Jairo claims this video led him to be fired.

“Yeah, um, I hope you guys enjoyed that because I’m outside of my Starbucks. I’m about to get fired,” he says, turning the camera to show the location he works at. He then records himself briefly addressing his co-workers.

In the caption, Jairo vented his frustration, writing, “so many tiktoks out there but mime blows up and i lose mt job.”

@j_y_r_o #stitch with @j_y_r_o so many tiktoks out there but mime blows up and i lose mt job#barista ♬ original sound – jairo

The video amassed 2.9 views as of Wednesday with people siding with Jairo, not understanding why the corporation is upset over the staged video..

“ive watched other companys use tiktoks like these to promote their business. statbucks cant take a joke and im done with them,” one viewer shared.

“Lmaoo Starbucks can’t take a joke!” a second commented.

“I am so sorry that video was actually so funny & free content for Starbucks,” a third stated.

Others condemned Jairo for making a TikTok on the job.

“People need to stop playing at their jobs bc clearly jobs don’t play lmao,” one commented.

“Seems like every week someone posts a video that they got fired due to a tiktok. When will ppl learn,” a second wrote.

“this is why you never post anything on social media related to your job, companies dont like it at all,” a third stated.

There were people who shared their stories of being fired for social media posts on the clock.

“I feel you. I just got fired over the TikTok’s I made of work (one had 3.2 mil views)they suspended me first and had me delete them then they fire me,” one person wrote.

“I was also fired from Starbucks recently because a coworker posted a picture of me flipping her off and they said ‘you’re defacing the company,’” a second shared.

“Yeah I had a Starbucks tik tok with 500k views and I had to take it down because someone messaged my manager,” a third said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jairo for comment via TikTok comment and Starbucks via press email.

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