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‘She acted like nothing happened’: Woman says server snapped her real ID in half because she thought it was fake

‘Tell me why this girl bends my ID in half?’


Melody Heald


A woman went viral on TikTok after claiming a restaurant server snapped her real ID in half because she thought it was fake.

The video features user Madison Skaufel (@madisonskaufel) as she recounts the incident.

“So, I went for my 24th birthday with a group of friends who, mind you, we’re all of the age of 22-26, of age to drink,” Skaufel explains. Before the TikToker and her friends ordered drinks, the server asked to see their IDs.

“Tell me why this girl bends my ID in half?” Skaufel asks, revealing the broken ID that she taped together. Though the TikToker says her ID card was previously cracked, she claims the waitress “went back and forth and broke it enough and handed it to me.” After arguing back and forth, the waitress then allegedly accused Skaufel’s friends of also having fake IDs.

“So I was like, ‘I can call the cops if you want them to come here to prove here that it’s my ID,’” she recalls. “I did not just go through this to not be able to get a drink.”

The TikToker says their server became “snarky” and expected them to admit their IDs were fake, despite them being real. Skaufel claims she then called her brother, who works in law enforcement, who suggested she speak with the manager about the server’s destruction of her private property.

“If I get pulled over for whatever reason, I can either get arrested or get a heavy fine and get my license taken away, or whatever the fuck,” she adds, regarding her broken ID.

While Skaufel says she did alert the restaurant’s manager of the incident, she notes that the waitress still received a $60 tip from their table due to automatic gratuity.

“I saw her out after,” she concludes of the server, “and she acted like nothing happened.”

@madisonskaufel #greenscreen fun fact: id’s are supposed to bend and saying they can’t crack is false and not a valid reason to say it’s fake. People need to be trained better in catching REAL fake id’s #fyp #fakeid ♬ original sound – Madison Skaufel

Despite the incident, Skaufel begged viewers to refrain from sending hate to the restaurant.

“Hi everyone! Please don’t send hate to the restaurant!” she wrote in an updated comment. “I spoke to the owner and he is very nice and professional. I do feel bad bc it is one of my favorite places to enjoy food & drinks. I contacted the owner about how it was handled. I believe she was reprimanded.”

The video racked up over 486,000 views since it was posted Oct. 21. In the comments, viewers shared how they would have reacted.

“i would have caused the biggest scene. i’m so sorry this happened,” one user wrote.

“I would’ve called the cops acrually so fast,” a second stated.

“I would have demanded they take the gratuity off at the VERY least. You had to pay for a new ID so they can take that out of her pay,” a third said.

In a follow-up video, Skaufel offered some more context to the occurrence. She explains that she regrets being so nice to the waitress and wishes she would’ve made a scene. She adds that the waitress may have believed her ID was fake due to its vertical format, rather than horizontal. However, Skaufel says the last time she had her ID renewed, she was 20 years old, so it was still issued vertically.

“Who the hell gets a fake ID that’s vertical?” she questions. “Also, who the hell gets a fake ID that’s 1998? That’s way too old.”

While viewers encouraged her to press charges, she felt that would be “over-dramatic.” Skaufel is using her passport as identification until her new ID arrives.

@madisonskaufel Replying to @fairykate328 ♬ original sound – Madison Skaufel

The Daily Dot reached out to Skaufel via TikTok comment.

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