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“It isn’t ‘satire’”: Conservative blog says it’s now legal to shoot women having abortions—users respond with celebratory memes, GIFs

The site is run by a former Trump speechwriter.


Mikael Thalen


A popular right-wing blog responded to the overturning of Roe v. Wade on Friday by tweeting that it was now legal to shoot women having abortions. Some described the tweet as “badass” and “based,” while others shared images of firearms, explosives, and the 4chan meme known as GigaChad.

Revolver News, a website known best for spreading debunked conspiracy theories regarding the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, shared what it described as “satire” after the Supreme Court announced an end to the country’s constitutional protections for abortion.

“BREAKING: It’s now legal to shoot women having abortions in New York City with your Supreme Court-issued concealed handgun…” the blog tweeted.

The tweet also alluded to the Supreme Court ruling on Thursday that struck down a New York gun law that had placed restrictions on carrying a concealed handgun outside the home.

The remark from Revolver News was quickly met with a wide range of reactions. Some expressed shock at the blog’s comments and it’s reference to violence.

Hannah Gais, a journalist with the Southern Poverty Law Center, made note of the fact that Revolver News is run by Darren Beattie, who worked as a speechwriter under former President Donald Trump.

“[W]ebsite run by former Trump speechwriter and US Commission for the Preservation of America’s Heritage Abroad appointee,” Gais wrote.

Others believed that the tweet could be seen as a clear call to violence.

“This isn’t funny,” another Twitter user wrote. “And it isn’t ‘satire,’ as you claim.

But many supporters of Revolver News appeared to celebrate the tweet. One user even shared a GIF of a woman being shot in the head.

“Just as the Founding Fathers intended,” one user said.

Revolver News eventually responded to the backlash by accusing its critics of failing to understand satire.

“UPDATE: The satire police found this one… They are now furiously scribbling away at blog posts (CONFIRMED)…” the account wrote.

It remains unclear whether the Twitter will view the tweet as satirical or as a violation its website’s policies.

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