Reddit is knee-deep in another mysterious crawl space

Reddit hasn't had the best of luck with mysterious safes.


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Published May 13, 2014   Updated May 31, 2021, 7:54 am CDT

Reddit hasn’t had the best of luck with mysterious safes. First, in March 2013, dont_stop_me_smee announced that a house being rented by his friend had a huge, seemingly impenetrable safe in its basement. After leaving his impatient fellow redditors hanging for months, the safe turned out to be empty. Then, in April 2014, redditor CraigNoList “discovered” cremated remains in a safe—which was quickly debunked by skeptical redditors who used his post history to call him out.

Now, the latest Reddit safe, which redditor lmbrjack clued everyone into on May 13, might contain nothing more than a film promotion.

Images via lmbrjack/Imgur

After posting images of the safe in the initial thread, lmbrjack updated the discovery later with additional pictures of the safe’s contents, which included a mysterious jewelry box, several videotapes, and a note reading “Save Yourself.”

Images via lmbrjack/Imgur

Redditor stevierar, apparently feeling that the entire expedition was just a little bit too cliched, unearthed some pictures posted by lmbrjack in the past and attempted to link him with Ryan M. Andrews, who has a film in post-production titled Save Yourself.

Image via stevierar/Imgur

Even though redditors are known skeptics—and are well aware that Hollywood has used the site to shamelessly plug projects in the past—the majority of the community focused its skepticism on stevierar’s detective work. Users pointed out major and minor differences in the faces and voices of lmbrjack and Andrews, and stevierar was subsequently downvoted. Even lmbrjack himself jumped into the fray, offering his driver’s license as proof of his true identity.

Image via lmbrjack/Imgur

Time will tell if this latest safe is the real deal or just another well-orchestrated publicity stunt.

Image via Rob Pongsajapan/Flickr

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*First Published: May 13, 2014, 3:27 pm CDT