Couple playing basketball at Target is the definition of #relationshipgoals

This is YouTube vlogger Qias Omar and his girlfriend. 


To commemorate the NBA finals, the two went on a shopping trip to Target. Omar brings a ball along for the trip, imagining the shopping cart as a basket and his girlfriend as a defensive opponent. He makes grandiose efforts to get the ball in the cart, falling over and “fouling” his girlfriend. And bless her heart, she’s having as much fun as he is.

They are, of course, wearing basketball regalia for the occasion, with Omar repping the Warriors and his girlfriend repping the Cavaliers. Here’s what it’s like to improvise a basketball game at Target with your beloved:

It bears mentioning that this is the second such video that Omar and his girlfriend has made. You can watch their first basketball-in-Target video here.

H/T UpRoxx | Photo via Qias Omar/YouTube screenshot

Dylan Love

Dylan Love

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