Professor livetweets son’s appalling abstinence-only sex ed class

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We already know that abstinence-only sex education is ineffective, but it’s still taught in nearly 25 percent of public schools

Michigan’s East Lansing High School was recently taken to task for teaching abstinence in its sex ed curriculum when Alice Dreger sat in on her son’s sex ed class. She wasn’t pleased with what she saw, prompting her to shame the school in a series of tweets that have gone viral. 

As a noted bioethicist and the author of the book Galileo’s Middle Finger, Dreger is far from bashful when it comes to sounding off against bad science. So when she visited her son’s sex ed class, she couldn’t fight the urge to condemn what was being taught. Her running commentary on Twitter paints a less-than-desirable picture of how high schoolers learn about sex:

Dreger’s tweets spread around the Internet so quickly that the school had to issue an official statement to keep things under control. According to that statement, East Lansing’s sex ed curriculum is not abstinence-only. Dreger just happened to attend on a day when the class was discussing abstinence.

Neither Principal Coby Fletcher nor Vice Principal Nancy Artman responded to a request for comment.

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