woman in kitchen with bowl opening up popcorn with caption 'so I've heard that the girlies of TIKTOK are now making popcorn salad' (l) bowl of popcorn sourpatch kids and m&m's with caption 'so it looks like this but don't forget your salad tossers' (c) woman in kitchen pouring sourpatch kids into bowl with caption 'sour patches that I have been hiding in my room (r)


‘Idk why I didn’t start doing this sooner’: TikToker shares recipe for ‘popcorn salad,’ sparking debate

'I've been having these since I was a child, and they bring me so much joy.'


Phil West


Posted on Feb 11, 2023

As food hacks go, this one is controversial right out of the gate.

A TikToker who noticed “the girlies of TikTok are now making popcorn salad” decided to demo it for herself, and commenters definitely have mixed opinions about the concoction.

This video comes from creator @sillysnorin and has attracted more than 379,000 views since being posted to the platform on Thursday – a solid number for a single day’s worth of gawking.

In the video, she shows how to make the treat, which she humblebrags at the start of the video as a fine accompaniment to her “Fortnite dubs.”

@sillysnorin Rule no. 1 is always trust the tiktok girlies. This is so yummy! #popcornsalad ♬ original sound – sillysnorin

The popcorn salad, of course, starts with a popcorn base, which she dumps into a large bowl to start the recipe demo.

Then, after noting that popcorn icon Orville Redenbacher is a Purdue University alumni — affirming it in a way that signals she might be one as well — the creator adds what she terms “very healthy ingredients” to the dish. She starts with a bag of Sour Patch Kids — confessing, as she dumps them into the bowl, that she’s been hiding them in her room.

She then reveals a bag of trail mix but says her brother is allergic, so passes on that. She then adds M&Ms to the bowl, determining that they are a special breakout cheesecake flavor.

“I’ve been putting these in the refrigerator for a month,” she declares.

She then advises people making this not to forget salad tossers and don’t forget to have fun.

She credited creator @emlouisie (a London-based TikToker and self-declared “wellness babe”) with the trend — who put up a video on Monday attracting nearly 800,000 views to date.

In a follow-up video, that creator said, “I’m so happy I can bring popcorn salads into your vernacular, because I’ve been having these since I was a child, and they bring me so much joy.”

Some of those coming into @sillysnorin’s comments were taken with the idea in the same way.

“Omg my family used to do this every Friday night when I was little,” one commented. “We called it family fun soup” — a term that delighted the creator.

“Ma’am this is what I needed to see,” another added.

Another had an amazing aside about Redenbacher, claiming, “My grandma was born in Valparaiso and said that Orville was her boyfriend. My grandma would be like 110 years old now.”

Others, though, were not so sold on the idea.

“No,” sniffed one commenter, who is apparently not a dessert person, before considering, “but it would actually be good with avocado and lemon juice or something.”

Another chided, “This is fucking popcorn mix bffr,” leading the creator to respond, “Woah, woah, we’ve got a hater in the chat.”

But this creator — who got a lot of love from commenters — appears to be just getting started. Taking lead from another creator who made the suggestion in her comments, she’s since tested out a popcorn salad featuring cookie butter.

@sillysnorin This would be 10/10 if the cookie butter melted more 🥹 #popcornsalad IB @emlouisie & @haleigh.hardin ♬ original sound – sillysnorin

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creators via the comments section on their videos.

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*First Published: Feb 11, 2023, 9:06 am CST