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‘Ready to go back to my dorm’: Student says she came home from college and her parents were in a poly relationship

“That’s definitely a surprise to come home to.”


Tricia Crimmins


A college student says that when she returned from school to visit her parents, she found out that they had entered into a polyamorous relationship with another couple.

In a TikTok posted on Saturday, Iz (@gooninandbaiting) says that she came home from college to find out that her parents were now in a polyamorous relationship with another couple. Someone who is polyamorous has more than one romantic and/or sexual relationship at a time, and people in a polyamorous relationship might have romantic and/or sexual relationships outside their primary relationship.

Though polyamory is increasing in popularity and becoming more widely accepted, it’s certainly a different story when your parents become polyamorous. Iz expressed some discomfort with the change in her video’s caption.

“Ready to head on back to my dorm room,” Iz wrote.

On Tuesday, Iz’s video had over a million views.


ready to head on back to my dorm room !!!!!!!

♬ original sound – kels ❦

In follow up videos, Iz offered some more context: The set of parents she was talking about in her viral video are her father and stepmom, and that the couple they are now in a relationship with—who Iz called “my new other parents”—let Iz drive their car.

When commenters expressed concern for Iz, she said that she’s dealing with the change well, despite her initial surprise.

“Don’t worry I have been emotionally trained to handle this,” Iz wrote in a TikTok’s overlay text. She also says she’s back at college now.

Some commenters on Iz’s videos about her father and stepmom’s new relationship status were surprised and some made jokes about the perks of having four parental-like figures.

“That’s definitely a surprise to come home to,” one commenter wrote. “But I’d be like ‘So… which one wants to help pay for my lil drinks at college since there’s 4.’”

“That’s quadruple the spending money in my opinion,” another said.

Others shared their experiences of their parents’ relationship statuses shifting while they were away at college.

“I came back from break and found out my dad got married to a woman i’d never heard about,” a commenter shared.

“This happened to my bf,” a commenter said. “And then his dad got with the new couples wife and his mom and the other dude just remarried.”

“Same vibe as when I came back from a study abroad to find my parents separated,” someone wrote. “And us without a house.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Iz via TikTok comment.

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