Loving dog owner takes his dying best friend on a bucket list road trip

I rarely cry. This isn’t some macho declaration; it’s just not really in my wiring to cry that much. But when I heard about Poh the Dog, let’s just say I’m glad I stocked up on tissues from Costco this weekend.

Poh doesn’t have much time left. He was diagnosed with a terminal illness earlier this year, and his owner, Thomas Neil Rodriguez from New York City, has been taking him on a “bucket list” tour of the country. It’s all captured on Instagram in its full tragic, beautiful glory.

Now doing my t-rex impression. I have to find that bar that peewee Herman did his dance at now and my day will be complete…

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The series of images shows a frail-looking Poh as he’s held or carted in front of various national landmarks. They also show him on the beach with other dog friends, wearing funny hats and sunglasses. Rodriguez is sending Poh off in style. 

If just looking at Poh’s big doggy smile doesn’t put a knot in your throat, you’re probably made of stone. 

According to ABC News, Rodriguez adopted Poh from a shelter in 1999 when he was eight months old. Since March 6, Rodriguez and Poh have traveled 12,000 miles and visited 35 cities.

“I initially wanted to get him to the Pacific Ocean,” Rodriguez said. When Poh finally got to swim in the Pacific, “he loved it, it was so healing for him. It was like he was five years younger. He was walking with a lot of energy.” 

Not a lot of pet owners have the privilege of anticipating their furry friend’s departure. But Rodriguez has made the best out of Poh’s final days, creating something beautiful that is sure to put a smile on millions of people’s faces.

Happy trails, Poh.

I spent my day doing this. #pohthedogsbigadventure at Fort funston in the bay. I don’t think I rather be anywhere else.

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Follow Poh’s adventure on Instagram at @pohthedogsbigadventure.

H/T ABC News | Photo via pohthedogsbigadventure/Instagram

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