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‘It used to be one of my favorites’: Customer says Pluckers fell off after bad experience

‘They bad now. Fries are always cold.’


Braden Bjella


While Pluckers was once named one of the “Top 5 Sports Bars in North America” by EPSN and an entrant into the “Top 10 Wing Restaurants in America” by USA Today, per the company’s website, a user on TikTok has sparked discussion after saying the restaurant may have lost the allure it once had.

In a video with over 31,000 views, TikTok user Charlie (@charliebisme) says that the restaurant was one of his favorites before rising chicken prices made it difficult to justify. However, when his daughter had the opportunity to eat for free for her birthday, Charlie decided to check out the restaurant once again. He was disappointed with the results.

“The wings were overcooked and they gave me the wrong cheese fries. Instead of making new ones, they just put queso over the hard ones they just gave me,” he recalls. “Then they put tomatoes on it. There’s no tomatoes that are supposed to be on my cheese fries.”

“I’m too tired to complain, but they really fell off,” he adds. Even though he had enough loyalty points to get some items for free and the rest at a discount, he says that he does not know if he will return.

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Commenters seemed divided by Charlie’s claim that Pluckers has dipped in quality.

On one side, some users agreed that the restaurant is no longer as good as it once was.

“They did fall off forsure I agree,” one user wrote. “I’m only going if Texas win and I can get a 5 free wing.”

“Everytime I go it’s bad service,” a second claimed. “I have stop[ped] going.”

“Pluckers did fall off….so sad,” echoed a third. “Last time I went it was filthy smh.”

“Pluckers used to kill it back in the day, they fell off hard,” offered a fourth. “The ones in Austin are decent again but not what they used to be.”

In contrast, some users said that their experiences with the restaurant have mainly been positive.

“Went to the new location in FW last Saturday and it was great,” one user stated.

“Thats wild. The Arlington location never misses for us,” another shared. “Just went for my bday, it was the best yet.”

“Quality still seems the same for my closest location too,” another agreed. “But prices seemed to have doubled.”

On that topic, many users latched onto Charlie’s statement that he did not eat out as much anymore because of high prices. Numerous users agreed.

“Yea not eating out as much either it’s always $100 + for me and my family,” one commenter wrote. “I can buy groceries with that.”

“All these restaurants around the United States have gone down in quality and quantity…all of them and the prices gone up!” another user proclaimed.

The Daily Dot reached out to Pluckers via its press agency’s contact form and Facebook DM. We’ve reached out to Charlie via Instagram DM.

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