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‘I still wouldn’t eat it’: Dumpster divers find ‘still warm’ pizzas in Pizza Hut dumpster

‘I was so good lol I get pizza from there all the time!’


Alexandra Samuels


In a viral video, a pair of TikTokers made a startling discovery while dumpster diving near a Pizza Hut: two warm, uneaten pies.   

In user @dd_adventures’s video, at least two dumpster divers unveiled the treasure trove of pizzas they reportedly found in a Pizza Hut dumpster. As of Thursday morning, the video had over 61,500 views.

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One of the pizzas had what looked like cheese, pepperoni, and black olives atop it. The second pizza, meanwhile, appeared to be a cheese and pineapple pie. 

“Found these two pizzas in the dumpster,” says one of the divers. 

“And they’re still warm,” the second diver adds. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to @dd_adventures via TikTok comment and Pizza Hut via its online media contact form. As of publication, it was unclear at which Pizza Hut location the divers located the food. It was also unclear how Pizza Hut typically discards uneaten pizzas—even if they’re in seemingly pristine condition. 

Of course, this isn’t the first time @dd_adventures has documented their experiences with dumpster diving. In late December, they reportedly found cases and shopping carts full of bananas and other produce. 

But viewers were divided on whether they’d actually try the food themselves.

“Nope, I’m good,” read one comment on the Pizza Hut video.

“I ate pizza from the dumpster before,” said a second viewer. “We found it pretty good.”

“I still wouldn’t eat it. That’s nasty, bro,” commented a third user. And to this comment, @dd_adventures responded: “It was so good lol I get pizza from there all the time!”

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