Screengrabs show a white woman screaming at a Black teenager

Deysha Adriana/Facebook

Video shows woman screaming racist slurs at Black teen over gum wrapper

She's been nicknamed 'Pick it Up Peggy.'

Oct 8, 2019, 1:47 pm


Samira Sadeque 

Samira Sadeque

A video sweeping social media shows a Florida woman hurling the N-word and cursing at a Black teenager outside of a park in St. Petersburg, Florida. The woman has been nicknamed “Pick it Up Peggy”  on Twitter.

The few-seconds long video, posted on Facebook by user Daysha Adriana, shows a woman wearing sunglasses and screaming at the boy as he stares at his phone. 

According to Adriana’s post, the 14-year-old had dropped a gum wrapper and was going to pick it up until the woman started screaming at him. 

“Almost 2020 and we still are dealing with being spoken to in this manner over what exactly?” Adriana wrote in the post. “A gum wrapper. Tasteless.”

**********************UPDATE**********************My family would like to first thank those who have expressed their genuine concern towards my younger brother in regards to the below video. The point of this post is/was to continue to raise awareness regarding inappropriate behavior, and racism in our city, country, and world. Please note that we are not a confrontational family, and we are not looking for vengeance towards this woman, nor are we looking to fight racism, with racism. ❤️🌏***************************************************Actual footage of a woman talking to my 14 year old brother and cousin in this manner, near Williams Park in St. Pete today, because he dropped a gum wrapper on the ground, he was going to pick it up until she started calling him out of his name. Almost 2020 and we still are dealing with being spoken to in this manner over what exactly? A gum wrapper. Tasteless. 🙄.

Posted by Deysha Adriana on Sunday, October 6, 2019

At the beginning of the video, the woman says, “Nuh-uh, don’t lean back like that.”

The boy is seen looking down on his phone. “Pick it up, find it, get down on your knees and find it,” the woman yells.

“Get down on your knees and find it,” she says again as the teenager, who has not been identified, laughs and turns around to walk away. 

“Don’t care little [N-word],” the woman continues. “That’s how you are. All y’all… no care fucking [N-word].”

When the woman realizes she’s being filmed, she says to the camera, “Film me, fuckers… film me.”

The Facebook video, which was posted on Sunday, has garnered more than 150,000 views and thousands of comments and shares. 

People on Twitter expressed their outrage, with some commenting on how polite the teen was in the face of such hatred.

“Disgusting but this is what her history represents! Such a disgrace I’m so happy he loved hisself enough to not pick up whatever she was yelling about,” one user commented.

St. Petersburg City Council member Steve Kornell on Sunday shared the video and called for help to identify the teen to “honor” him for his politeness. 

“If anyone knows this young man I would love to honor him at this week’s City Council meeting for his extreme politeness towards this woman who did not deserve it at all,” he wrote. “It says a great deal about him and about her.”


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*First Published: Oct 8, 2019, 1:47 pm