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Kids without courtship: Families are now easier to make—thanks to these apps

Services for non-romantic coupling begin to boom.


Matt Silverman


Our 21st-century families come in all shapes and sizes. And while dating apps have helped people from all different backgrounds and locations get together, there hasn’t been an online system in place for non-romantic coupling, specifically for surrogacy, platonic co-parenting, and other family structures.

That’s where Modamily joined the “matching app” ecosystem. As CEO Ivan Fatovic explains, it came out of a dinner conversation among single women who hadn’t found their life partner yet, but were worried about the ticking biological clock.

On this week’s episode of 2 GIRLS 1 PODCAST, Fatovic tells Alli and Jen how Modamily works, the complexities of non-traditional family structures, and the success stories that have come out of his “non-dating app.”

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