Photo via Gage Skidmore/Flickr (CC-BY-SA)

You would think someone would know to never say this.

Michael Reagan is the son of former president Ronald Reagan and, according to his Twitter bio, president of the Reagan Legacy Foundation, which is dedicated to “advancing the causes President Reagan held dear and memorializing the accomplishments of his presidency.”

In his free time, though, Michael appears to advance the causes he holds dear, one of which is that he should get to look at tits while at work.

Reagan was espousing on Bill O’Reilly’s firing, which didn’t explicitly revolve around staring at women’s breasts (the former Fox News host has, though, been accused of masturbating while on the phone with co-workers and choking his ex-wife), but hey, who are we to tell someone when and where and how they should champion their causes.

You can guess the responses Reagan got to his tweet.

In case you are wondering if he did chime in on the O’Reilly firing, he did.

Good words, my dude. Good words.

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