26 frozen McRibs in bag (l) receipt with total at $26.47 with McDonald's 'M' logo centered at bottom (c) McRib buns in bag (r)

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‘Is that even McLegal?’: McDonald’s worker agrees to sell customer 26 frozen McRibs for $27

The employee allegedly lost her job for selling the frozen ingredients.


Braden Bjella


Posted on Dec 23, 2022

A TikToker and McRib mega-fan has gone viral after claiming that he managed to convince a McDonald’s location to sell him 26 frozen McRib sandwiches.

In a video with over 925,000 views, TikTok user Don shows six regular McRib sandwiches for which he says he paid $28.39.

He then pans over to reveal all the requisite parts of a McRib, minus the pickles and onions. There are 24 buns, a large bag of sauce (with additional sauce packets), and 26 pieces of frozen McRib meat.

In order to purchase these ingredients, Don says he struck a deal with the manager. He claims he only paid $26.47 for all of it.


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In the comments section, many users questioned whether the manager had the authority to sell the items in this way.

“Your getting that manager mcfired,” one user wrote.

Other users speculated that it was illegal for the manager to sell Don the frozen ingredients. While it’s unclear whether it is truly illegal to do this, many users on Reddit say that it is against company policy, though some are aware of it happening nonetheless.

It’s uncertain what happened after this video went viral.

In some comments, Don appears to imply that his family owns a McDonald’s franchise, allowing him to perform this action without getting himself or the manager in trouble.

A user then alleged that they were the manager who sold them the ingredients and they were fired for doing so. In response, Don wrote, “You are not the one who sold them to me” before posting a response that says she was, in fact, the person who sold the McRibs to him.

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In this video, Don claims that “trolls on the internet” reported his video to corporate and caused them to investigate the situation, or that her boss somehow found out about the sale through the video. Regardless of how it happened, the video was discovered and the manager was fired, according to Don.

Don was upset by the apparent actions of the viewers.

“At Christmas time, why would somebody want to get anybody fired?” he asks of the trolls. “I don’t understand. [Do you] really got that much hate in your heart?”

Thankfully, Don claims the manager has since received another job and that he plans to visit her and compensate her “very well for her trouble.”

Commenters were supportive of both Don and the manager.

“Wow! Thats a shame. So glad she was able to get another job,” a user said.

“That sucks. People are pieces of garbage. They have nothing better to do but ruin their lives? Over what? Selling a product? God people suck,” a second stated.

We’ve reached out to McDonald’s via email and Don via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Dec 23, 2022, 9:56 am CST