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‘Hasn’t changed since I worked there 10 years ago lol I feel like I could fill in for a day with no issues’: Worker shares what McDonald’s ordering software looks like, sparking debate

‘Same software since the 00s.’


Rachel Kiley


A TikTok showing off how to use the computer system at McDonald’s is leaving former employees amused at how nothing ever seems to change.

(Yaniii) @kallme.yaniii shared a number of videos that gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at her McDonald’s job, from prepping ingredients for the day to making food and drinks. While many TikTokers who post videos from their fast-food jobs seem interested in “exposing” practices that may surprise or disgust viewers, Yaniii seems more focused on just giving curious people a glimpse at how things go behind the scenes.

That was clearly the intent of her latest video, a brief rundown of McDonald’s point-of-sale system.

She walks viewers through meal sizing, breakfast vs. lunch, and what to ask customers, all while showing off a series of picture-driven touchscreens that are presumably intended to make it easy for the employees to know exactly what they’re punching in for the order.

@kallme.yaniii How to wkrk service at #mcdonalds #fyp #trending #foryou #food #service #viral #tiktok ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

It’s a fun and simple peel-back of the curtain that actually prompted viewers to ask further questions about how to do specific things like create custom meals.

The video also sparked a debate between those who were amazed at how much easier this looked compared to what they expected—thanks to all the pictures and items being organized by category—and those who thought it seemed way more complicated than they imagined.

But some of the most interesting comments were from people who claimed to be former McDonald’s employees themselves—and were stunned that the system doesn’t seem to have been updated in the years since.

“I worked as a cashier for McDonald’s nearly 10 years ago and this looks exactly the same same,” wrote @dirtslug.

“I feel like I could fill in for a day with no issues,” @countrystrong4 joked, also claiming to have worked for the franchise a decade earlier.

Another viewer called it the “same software since the 00s,” although @trinigrl87 suggested this iteration seemed “so easy compare to what I worked with in HS back in the early 00s!”

As quickly as tech evolves in modern times, sometimes when something works, it just works. Although whether this system works well for McDonald’s might be up for debate, depending on who you ask.

“Even with pictures the order always have something wrong,” wrote @joegunther481.

The Daily Dot reached out to @kallme.yaniii via TikTok comment.

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