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‘We can’t be making new fries for every order’: McDonald’s worker denies customer’s request for fresh fries

'If you want fresh fries that bad, clock in.'


Alexandra Samuels


Posted on Oct 21, 2022   Updated on Oct 21, 2022, 10:18 am CDT

A McDonald’s employee, perhaps unknowingly, revealed a harsh truth about their chain’s french fries: Each customer doesn’t receive a fresh order

TikToker Adam (@fastdollas) recorded the employee while at the restaurant’s drive-thru window. While it’s unclear whether the worker knows he’s being filmed, Adam’s video has over 682,000 views. 

In the short clip, Adam is waiting in line while speaking with an employee. The video starts in the middle of their conversation, as Adam is cut off from saying that the fries should “already be fresh,” presumably after requesting that his fries be specifically made fresh.

@fastdollas Ever drove off got home and your fries were cold @McDonald’s y’all need to fix this ASAP😭😭😭 #thatslaw #badexperience #coldfries #nogood #mcdonalds #besafe ♬ original sound – Adam

“It’s not fresh?” the TikToker questions. 

“They don’t even have the fucking biscuits ready, either, for the first order,” the worker responds. 

“OK, but about the fries, y’all don’t give out fresh fries?” Adam asks. 

“No, we can’t be making new fries for every order,” the McDonald’s employee answers. The video cuts off shortly thereafter, but the worker doubles down on the fact that they give customers “old fries.” 

Adam, for his part, seemed upset at the revelation. Text overlay on their TikTok reads, “No wonder why my fries be cold. Never again McDonald’s.” 

A number of commenters and viewers, however, weren’t as taken aback by the news—especially considering McDonald’s is a fast food restaurant. 

“It’s McDonald’s…,” said one viewer in a comment with over 130 likes. 

“Why are you shocked?” another user commented.

“Y’all want them fresh, but don’t be wanting to wait the 3 [minutes],” wrote a third user. 

Others criticized Adam for his complaints about the lack of fresh fries.

“If you want fresh fries that bad, clock in,” one viewer joked.

“These people should work fast food i wanna see if they make fresh fries for every order [laughing emoji],” another added.

“It’s impossible to make a fresh order of fry’s for each customer. especially in a drive though line. They would be out of fry’s and no time,” a third reasoned.

Alleged McDonald’s employees also weighed in. “We are not going to go grab a new bag of fries to drop for your order. We are going to drop the old [fries] down in the oil and re-cook,” one person wrote.

“As someone who’s worked at Sonic and McDonald’s, y’all stay getting old fries,” said another user. 

The Daily Dot has reached out to McDonald’s via email and Adam via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Oct 21, 2022, 10:17 am CDT