McChicken sandwich opened with 2 chicken nuggets instead of patty (l) McDonald's drive through window worker handing bag of food out (c) McChicken sandwich opened with 2 chicken nuggets instead of patty (r)

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‘They said she’s only getting McBun today’: McDonald’s customer says the whole patty was missing from her McChicken

'That happened to me once too! Now I always check everything I don't care how long it takes.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Feb 17, 2023

On TikTok, McDonald’s is known to constantly make mistakes, from forgetting the meat for a cheeseburger to one of their AIs adding nine sweet teas to order. This time, a woman shared in a TikTok how her McChicken contained no chicken patty.

TikTok user Anika (@ankita_uncut) unveiled her order from McDonald’s in the clip. She shows an opened McChicken burger harboring a couple of nuggets inside. However, there was one small problemthe chicken patty for her sandwich is missing.

“I can’t make this shit up. I opened up my McChicken and the whole chicken patty was missing,” she says in the video. On the flip side, the content creator improvised by putting two of her nuggets onto the bun. She concludes the video by finding a silver lining, quipping, “Good thing I got a four-piece chicken nugget too.”

“They said she’s only getting McBun today,” Anika captioned the video, tagging McDonald’s.

@ankita_uncut They said shes only getting McBun today @mcdonalds #mcdonalds #mcchicken ♬ original sound – Ankita

The Daily Dot reached out to Anika via TikTok comment and McDonald’s via press email regarding the video. The video amassed over 770,000 views as of Friday, where viewers shared their opinions on her improvisation.

“That kinda look good ngl,” one viewer wrote.

“I feel like this would be good thooo,” another echoed.

“This looks so good wtf,” a third agreed.

Some shared their experiences with their McChickens missing the patty.

“Dude this just happened to me last night I swear to god. They put the extra sauce and pickles but literally no patty,” one user shared.

“This happened to me so I went inside and they accused me of eating it and bringing the rest back to get a free meal,” a second said.

“That happened 2 me once too!!! Now I always check everything I dont care how long it takes!!!” a third stated.

Others shared their McDonald’s mishaps.

“I mean…one time I ordered a big mac & both beef patties and cheese were missing,” one person revealed.

“Once, I ordered iced coffee from McDonald’s, and they gave me hot coffee with ice,” a second commented.

“Girl one time they just put chicken nuggets in my sandwich,” a third said.

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*First Published: Feb 17, 2023, 1:52 pm CST