mcdonald's employee calls the police on 'male karen' customer in drive-thru as he shouts at her through the window


‘You’re not my customer right now, because I’m not serving you’: McDonald’s employee calls police on ‘Karen’

‘My loyalty is to my other customers who are being respectful to me.’


Melody Heald


In a viral TikTok video, a McDonald’s employee refuses to serve a “male Karen” due to his disrespectful behavior, before calling the police on him.

The video features user Sunnie (@sunnieallison) who records her co-worker trying to talk to a screaming man at the drive-thru window.

“Why aren’t you serving me?” the man shouts. The employee replies, “Because you’re being disrespectful.”

The man then claims that he’s right because he’s the customer. “Just because you’re a customer, doesn’t mean you’re always right,” she claps back. She then clarifies that he isn’t her customer, because she refuses to serve him.

“My loyalty is to my other customers who are being respectful to me,” she adds.

The man demands that she takes his money as she begins dialing the police.

“The police are on their way. I’m getting your license plate, too,” she says, while the man begins driving away. She then closes the drive-thru window.

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The video racked up over 36,000 views since it was posted Oct. 24, with many viewers praising the employee for standing up to the customer.

“Yes mama just because he is a customer don’t me he always right“,” one viewer praised.

“Way to go! Nobody needs to deal with disrespectful people,” a second commended.

“We are the generation stopping entitled assholes in their tracks and they don’t like it. good for you!!” a third complimented.

Several others criticized the customer’s behavior.

“McDonald’s?! These people pick the strangest hills to die on,” one commented.

“People be getting all sorts of wild in the McDonald’s drive thru……it’s not that serious,” a second stated.

“Customer doesn’t equal disrespect dude,” a third said.

Other workers shared similar experiences with difficult customers.

“Former 2014-2015 Pennsylvania McDonald’s worker here – I never put up with rude customers, I had a manager turn them away,” one person shared.

“I used to LOVE refunding people and telling them they weren’t customers,” a second commented.

“When I worked retail & had people like this I would stay quiet smile maybe laugh a little & not serve them,” a third wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to Sunnie via TikTok comment and McDonald’s via email.

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