McDonald's customer says manager was 'touching everything' in the kitchen

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‘Nah she’s helping out her crew’: McDonald’s customer tries to call out manager for ‘touching everything’ in the kitchen. It backfires

'Some people have never worked in the service industry and it shows.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Jan 22, 2023

A user on TikTok has gone viral after trying to call out a manager who was “not in uniform” and “touching everything in the kitchen.”

According to TikTok user Lee (@anxious_yolo), they had gone to a McDonald’s location in Vancouver, British Columbia when they observed this manager engaging in behavior of which Lee did not approve.

“McDonald!! Retrain this manager. Why is she touching everything in the kitchen. Change into your uniform first. Basic training needed!!” Lee wrote in the text overlaying the video.

In the caption, they add, “McDonald..This is NOT okay. It’s an open kitchen…She was rude to employees too.”

@anxious_yolo McDonald..This is NOT okay. It’s an open kitchen. It’s your new location in #vancouver ♬ muerto gang – qubelly🗽

Lee’s ire appears to be directed at a woman who is wearing a winter coat and carrying a bag in the kitchen. In the video, she can be seen moving a stack of trays before walking away. 

While Lee appeared distraught about the situation, commenters saw little wrong with the events shown in the video.

“Your gonna lose your mind when you find out all chefs don’t actually wear gloves,” a user wrote.

“You do understand they don’t wear gloves when they make your burger right,” a second echoed.

McDonald’s itself has verified this. In a 2020 tweet, the official McDonald’s Canada account noted that gloves are not always required for people in the kitchen while claiming in some cases wearing gloves can do more harm than good.

“There are certain tasks that do require our staff to wear gloves and there are some that do not,” McDonald’s Canada wrote in the tweet. “When handling food, gloves can actually be a risk as opposed to protection.”

On TikTok, users claimed that not only was there nothing wrong with the events shown in the video, but the situation as portrayed is incredibly common.

“Worked at McDonald’s and my manager would always do this,” claimed a user.

“Oh great heavens. how dare she help out her employees the moment she arrives smh,” added another.

Other users speculated that Lee simply might not be aware of how the food service industry works.

As one user summarized it, “Some people have never worked in the service industry and it shows.”

We’ve reached out to Lee via Instagram direct message and McDonald’s Canada via email. 

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*First Published: Jan 22, 2023, 2:03 pm CST