Man speaking to McDonald's employee through order speaker at drive thru caption 'Go to mcdonald's and ask for the biggest burger they ever made please???' (l) McDonald's drive thru window employee handing customer bag (c) Man opening up massive McDonald's burger in car (r)

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‘This doesn’t even look like its from McDonald’s’: Customer asks McDonald’s employee to make him the ‘biggest burger they have ever made’

‘All that burger and still cheaper than Five Guys!!’


Melody Heald


A popular content creator went viral on TikTok after accepting a challenge from a fellow TikTok viewer to order the biggest burger at McDonald’s.

The video features user Anthony Villegas (@antstorm123) in his car. Villegas typically posts content about doing things his followers request via comments. This time, he goes to McDonald’s and orders the “biggest burger they can make.”

“Let’s see how big they can make. I’m kinda curious,” Villegas says in the clip. He films himself ordering at the drive-thru at McDonald’s.

“I was wondering if there’s a way you can make me the biggest burger you guys have ever made here before in your lives,” Villegas asks. After a brief pause, the McDonald’s employee tells him to just pick from the menu.

Villegas explains he wants two burgers “stacked up” but the worker is still perplexed and gets her manager. The manager steps in, also listing available burgers and the TikToker settles for a double quarter pounder with cheese. Villegas then shows the receipt, revealing the ‘special request’ line items and the $10 total for the burger.

He collects his bag and unveils the burger. The burger is stacked with four patties along with lettuce, tomato, ketchup, and mustard. Villegas is pleasantly surprised at this concoction, stating how it “looks really good” and “doesn’t look like it’s from McDonald’s.” He rates the burger at an “A++” and “the best burger they have ever made.”

@antstorm123 Replying to @eduanmostert ♬ original sound – Anthony Villegas

The video amassed 2.7 million views as of Friday with many viewers impressed with the burger.

“Wow that’s awesome,” one viewer complimented.

“It looks sooo good and im a vegetarian,” a second wrote.

“Damb, That looks good!” a third agreed.

Others were surprised at how cheap the burger was for its size.

“All that burger and still cheaper than five guys!!” one praised.

“That’s a good price for that,” a second agreed.

“Thats a great deal for ten bucks!!!!!” another echoed.

However, some viewers were disappointed with the burger results.

“She didn’t understand the assignment,” one person criticized.

“Having worked at McDonalds years ago…if someone came and ordered like that, I’d have hammered at least 20 Patties on the burger. That was light,” a second commented.

“What actually looked kind of small to be the biggest they could make,” another stated.

“Why didnt you just say you want a burger with 10 patties!! ??” a user questioned.

The Daily Dot reached out to Anthony Villegas for comment via email and TikTok comment and to McDonald’s via press email.

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