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‘They stole my joy for a second’: McDonald’s employees accidentally give customer kid’s Happy Meal instead of adult version

'Why he so grumpy about it tho like the worker was so nice.'


Natasha Dubash


Posted on Oct 12, 2022

A McDonald’s drive-thru customer went viral after posting a video showing his frustration at receiving a kid’s Happy Meal instead of the adult version. 

It seems like everyone loves the new adult Happy Meal from Mcdonald’s, except for McDonald’s workers. A TikToker, @mrtafoya87, was one of the fast food chain’s customers who was excited to try the newly released adult Happy Meal but made it known that he wasn’t thrilled with the service he received in the drive-thru.

@mrtafoya87 Should’ve known something was going to go wrong when she said I couldn’t get a receipt##adulthappymeals##mcdonalds##foryoupage##citruscountyflorida##invernessfl ♬ original sound – user6322958041894

The TikToker’s video shows him pulling up to the drive-thru cashier and after paying, he drives to the window where he receives a drink and a Happy Meal box. However, as he’s pulling out he checks the box and realizes that it’s not the adult version he ordered.

Without hesitation, the man pulls his car back around to the cashier to inform her of the mistake. He’s then told to go up to the window again where he’s met with an apologetic McDonald’s worker. 

The employee proceeds to ask a number of questions to clarify the details of the order, during which time the TikToker appears to get more frustrated.

“They stole my joy for a second,” the man tells the camera referring to the moment he realized he did not have an adult Happy Meal, “because I thought my wife was just believing the internet.” When the worker asks for the kid’s meal back, the man asks if he’s supposed to take food back through the window. The worker explains that his manager asked him to do so. 

Finally, the TikToker gets his order with yet another apology from the worker and an explanation that the worker was confused about the specifics of the adult Happy Meal order because he had taken a bathroom break. The video ends after the TikToker asks for and receives his drink.

The video has received over 537,000 views since it was posted Oct. 5, and viewers were quick to sound off in the comments. 

Many users pointed out that despite the mistake, the worker had been nothing but kind and polite to the TikToker.

“Why he so grumpy about it tho like the worker was so nice,” asked one user.

“The boy that helped you was very sweet,” pointed out another.

“Customers really thinking they the only people at the restaurant and no one can make a mistake,” a third person chastised.

Others also pointed out that the TikToker ended up getting an adult meal for the price of a kid’s meal and that he should have been happy about that.

As one person noted, “They must’ve misunderstood what you asked for bc she charged you for a kids happy meal.” The adult version of the Happy Meal was only released on Oct. 3, according to Today, quickly becoming a point of stress for workers, so it’s little surprise that the meal is still causing confusion.

Many viewers who have worked at fast food restaurants also chimed in to explain why the worker took the meal back.

“Worked at mcd for 7 years as a manager we take the food back and put it in waste to track it,” one person explained.

“We take the food back when the order is wrong in case anyone is trying to con you [into] a free meal!” another person said, referring to people trying to scam restaurants into giving them free food. They added, “It happens all the time.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @mrtafoya87 via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Oct 12, 2022, 4:21 pm CDT