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’This creep has been at it for years!’: Woman says man contacted her via Facebook after seeing her on Bumble. They didn’t match

'How many others?’


Tricia Crimmins


Posted on Jun 19, 2023   Updated on Jun 19, 2023, 3:34 pm CDT

A woman shared screenshots and screen recordings of a series of Facebook messages and voice memos she received from a man she didn’t know who had seen her—but not matched with her—on Bumble.

Other women have now accused the man of harassment and abuse.

In a viral tweet posted on Saturday, Kelsey King posted screenshots of messages she received from a man she had never met before via Facebook. He told her that he saw her profile on Bumble and even though they had not matched, contacted her directly on Facebook.

King said she was “fucking angry” to have received his messages.

“Stop finding women you see on dating apps on their personal social media profiles,” King tweeted. “Especially if you haven’t connected and there are zero identifiers in their profiles.”

The man’s first message to King simply said “Kelsayyyyyyy!!!!” He then wrote that he might have acted “a taaaad overly enthusiastic for a stranger danger message.” King asked if she knew the man, to which he said no but that he’d be “happy to explain.”

In a series of voice memos that were almost 10 minutes in total, the man says he found her on Bumble and that he was attracted to her because she “looks like a Disney princess,” used a shrugging emoticon in her bio, and seemed like a woman his mother had hired to be perfect for him.

He explained many details about himself, including his profession, salary, how he spends his time, and what he was wearing while recording the voice memos. He also commented on her body.

In an interview with the Daily Dot, King said that when she received the messages, she was “incredulous.”

“They felt so rehearsed, like a sales pitch or a radio broadcast,” King told the Daily Dot. “Just really greasy.”

She also said she’s glad she recorded his messages because he unsent them before she blocked him. Because she doesn’t have links or specific identifiers on her Bumble account, King believes he used Google’s reverse image search to find her social media profiles.

Overall, King said that overall, being contacted by the man was a violation of her privacy: They didn’t match on Bumble, so he didn’t have access to contact her on the dating app.

“If you don’t match, that means you don’t get to talk,” King said. “It means there wasn’t mutual interest.”

On Sunday, King tweeted that the man, whose name is Ryan Andrews, had sent similar messages to other women he saw—but didn’t match—on dating apps.

“This is not the first time Ryan Andrews has done this,” King tweeted. “Are there any other women in Southwestern Ontario/the GTA this man has invaded and harassed in this way?”

One of the women who said they had received messages from Andrews said that he had said the same “creepy stuff” to her. Another said she, too, got “the increasingly erratic voice notes” in 2017.

“This creep has been at it for years!” she tweeted.

King posted screenshots of a conversation she had with another woman who said that Andrews assaulted her 10 years ago.

“Perhaps the most insidious so far,” King tweeted about the woman’s description of Andrews assaulting her. “How many others?”

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*First Published: Jun 19, 2023, 3:33 pm CDT