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‘My kind of girl math’: Man almost misses flight—takes $250 helicopter ride to airport

'The way I thought you were joking.'


Sarah Kester


Posted on Aug 22, 2023

Thanks to “girl math,” people on TikTok are justifying extravagant purchases like expensive clothes, Taylor Swift concert tickets, and a brand-new car (how else will you drive to the concert?!). 

But what about a helicopter ride? 

A man recently went viral on TikTok for taking a helicopter to the airport so he wouldn’t miss his flight to London. The Daily Dot contacted Kevin via TikTok comment. 


this is literally “your unemployed friend on a random wednesday”

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“My flight takes off in one hour and I’m still at my apartment in Manhatten,” TikTok user Kevin Droniak (@kevindroniak) says in his viral video that by Tuesday had been viewed more than 6.1 million times. 

He explains that he read the military time on his flight wrong. “I read 18:20 as 10:20. But it’s actually 06:20, and right now, it’s 5 o’clock,” he says. 

Anyone who has driven around New York knows what the traffic is like. Kevin’s solution was to take a helicopter ride. “So that’s what I’m gonna do and we’re gonna see if I make it,” he says.

Since Kevin planned to ride the subway to the airport in order to save some money, he found the whole situation hilariously ironic.  

“And now I’m taking a goddamn helicopter,” he says before explaining that it’s actually cheaper than buying a new flight to London. While Kevin paid $250, a company called Blade charges $195 for a helicopter ride from Manhatten to JFK Airport. 

The popular ride-hailing company Uber also has Uber Copter, which offers helicopter transportation for trips between Manhattan and JFK International Airport. 

Kevin documented his travel experience, which included making it to the helipad in time, flying over the busy streets of New York, and making it to JFK airport—with plenty of time to spare. 

“I made it to the airport, it was only a 5-minute flight. There are 30 minutes until the doors close,” he says. The clip ends with Kevin celebrating that he made his flight on time. 

The topic of “girl math,” which applies nonsensical logic to finances, was a hot discussion in the comments. 

“Paying for a helicopter and then flying Norse is my kind of girl math,” a woman wrote. “I love this for you!” another added. 

Others were shocked that Kevin was actually serious about taking a helicopter to the airport. 

“The way I thought you were joking,” this person commented. “Not me thinking ‘‘my only way to get there on time is by helicopter’ is an expression of speech. Not a literal solution,” another added. 

Meanwhile, others poked fun at how learning military time would’ve been a lot cheaper. 

“Taking a 5min Uber helicopter: $200 learning how to tell military time: priceless,” this person commented. 

“Military time AKA normal standard time convention all around the world,” seconded another. 

Finally, some were more shocked that Kevin didn’t seem concerned about missing his flight. 

“I hope I make it! *takes picture with helicopter,*” a user wrote. 

“You almost missed an INTERNATIONAL flight?! I’d be sweating, cursing, rushing,” another commented. 

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*First Published: Aug 22, 2023, 5:14 pm CDT