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Malala Yousafzai is heading off to college and wants the internet’s help to pack

A mattress pad, flip flops, electric water boiler—the list for freshman college students feels infinite.


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She might have defied the Taliban and received the Nobel Peace Prize as a teenager, but possibly nothing has prepared Malala Yousafzai for her most daunting project ahead of her first semester at Oxford University: packing for college.

On Saturday, the humanitarian asked Twitter for advice on what she should take with her.

Using the ever-universal grimace emoji, Yousafzai showed that no matter her human rights accomplishments, she was just like us, dreading the menial task of paring down her belongings for a two-hour move, while having to spend money on things necessary for community-style living.

Of course, her favorite books and distracting podcasts are a must-have for those days when studying has all but fried the brain.

And despite many a college student’s bad habit, she’d probably be better off cutting down on the caffeine.

(Besides, she’s a black tea fan, anyway.)

Speaking of, an electric water boiler sounds right up her alley.

A mattress topper is a must—who knows how long ago that dorm mattress was changed out?

And shower flip flops, because nobody wants athlete’s foot.

Of course, college packing philosophy differs into two schools of thought: overpack and be prepared, or underpack and purchase the necessities when, well, necessary.

Someone with more knowledge of Yousafzai’s college, Lady Margaret Hall at Oxford University, suggested she stick to the former, just in the case the shops nearby don’t cut it.

Friends also suggested she make Google her BFF for at least the next four years, which sounds about right for college.

And, most importantly, something from home.

At least she’ll soon have a myriad of student discounts to use if she misses something on her list.

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