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Prepare to take over the world from your desk with this floating globe

Good for late-night plotting.


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Every evil mastermind needs a Maglev Globe perched on their desk. This floating orb is ideal for planning world domination in a secret headquarters … or for just making your desk look really slick.

You might not be Dr. Evil, but you can still get the rush of being an evil genius (without the hairless cat and ghostly pallor). This globe uses an electromagnetic sensor hidden in its C-shaped display stand to effortlessly hover. So whether your aspirations focus around global conquest or just better desk decor to impress your coworkers, this globe’s got you covered.

It’ll make any space look like one million dollars *sticks out pinky* Get the Maglev Globe for $39.99 from the Daily Dot store. That’s half off the usual price of $79.99.


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