food container with pen writing on top 'cook for 8-11 minutes' caption 'Door Dashed Raw Food!' (l) Logan's Roadhouse bag being handed from person to person (c) food container open to reveal raw rolls caption 'Door Dashed Raw Food!' (r)

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‘Imagine you ordered it to your job for lunch’: DoorDash customer receives raw Logan’s Roadhouse rolls with baking instructions, sparking debate

'I guess it was too much for them to do their job.'


Natasha Dubash


Posted on Sep 28, 2022

A customer claims she received raw bread rolls from Logan’s Roadhouse with baking instructions written on the top of the styrofoam container they were in after placing the order via DoorDash.

TikTok creator Mariah (@iah_h) received over 511,000 views on the video that she posted to the social media platform on Sept. 22.

@iah_h I ain’t spend an arm and a leg for this!! 🫤 #fyp #foryoupage #doordash #logansroadhouse #rolls #rawfood #dasher #whatthe #food #viral ♬ original sound – IAH

In the video, Mariah points her camera to an unopened styrofoam take-out container, that reads, “Cook @ 350 for 8-11 minutes,” followed by a hand-drawn smiley face. “I ordered these rolls from Logan’s Roadhouse, right?” the TikToker explains as she opens the box for the big reveal.

“They didn’t even cook my fucking rolls y’all,” she exclaims.

“They just put ‘em in a fucking box and sent them on their way,” she says. Inside the box are six shiny, fist-sized pieces of raw dough, ready to become rolls after a few minutes in the oven.

“I guess it was too much for them to do their job, or maybe something was wrong,” Mariah says as the video ends. “I really don’t know.”

Now many people can relate to the disappointment of receiving an incorrect food order when they’re hungry, and, in most instances, people would have been on Mariah’s side. Some did agree that receiving raw food was unacceptable and that they would immediately call DoorDash or the restaurant to get a refund.

But many users weren’t as sympathetic. A lot of users pointed out that the establishment Mariah ordered from actually offers raw rolls as an option for people who prefer to bake them at home. “I used to work there people could order them uncooked so they stay fresh,” one user helpfully explained. This fact is verified by the restaurant’s online menu. “They offer take and bake,” another user offered. “You probably ordered the wrong one.”

Mariah responded to both these comments saying that apparently the Logan’s Roadhouse location by her didn’t offer raw rolls until recently and that she didn’t even have the option to order them cooked. It seems that so many people pointed out this fact that Mariah made another video in response to clear things up. 

“They don’t offer cooked rolls anymore on DoorDash in my area,” she says in the follow-up. Mariah also claims that her previous deliveries from the establishment always included cooked rolls, never raw, and that the new menu offering “could be an error or something because it wasn’t like that before.”

Many users said that they didn’t feel it was necessary for Mariah to hop on TikTok to put the restaurant on blast. “I’m not mad at them wanting you to have hot bread,” one user said. “Am I the only one who would take this in stride and bake them happily lol kinda fun idk…and hilarious,” said another. 

“I do see a lot of comments like this,” Mariah says while defending her reaction to the raw rolls in another response video. “The only reason I was mad was because I had to get ready for work. I barely had enough time to cook them.” Mariah also claims “the rolls took longer than the time on the box.” 

She says that any other day, she would have cooked the raw rolls at home. “I’m not this spoiled brat that can’t throw some rolls in the oven myself,” she says. “That wasn’t the point.” She says the only reason she was mad was because she didn’t have the time to make them, which was the reason she had ordered them in the first place.

One of the top-liked comments also asked Mariah not to punish her DoorDash driver for the “mistake” that was made by the restaurant. Mariah once again made a response video clarifying that as a DoorDasher herself, she would never blame the driver.

The Daily Dot reached out to Mariah via Instagram direct message. The Daily Dot also reached out to Logan’s Roadhouse via email.

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*First Published: Sep 28, 2022, 11:56 am CDT