17 women’s march signs that were proudly, loudly queer

LGBTQ signs women's marches

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Because women’s marches are not just about our cis-ters.

The women’s marches across the globe brought in an astounding number of participants; in the U.S. alone, groups grew too large to officially march in D.C. and Chicago. Smaller cities and states had impressive turnouts as well, with 2,000 people marching in Anchorage, Alaska, in spite of severe cold and snow. 

LGBTQ people and allies were part of those numbers, with signs celebrating the queer identity and reminding others that LGBTQ rights may be under attack in the new administration.

Representation of LGBTQ issues is an important intersection in feminism, and marches like Saturday’s are a great place to advocate for the visibility of some of the most marginalized community members, namely trans women of color. The queer community also reminded everyone that not all women have vaginas, and not everyone with a vagina identifies as a woman

Check out some of our favorite queer signs from the women’s march, rainbows, glitter, and all.

🔺🔺🔺#dykesigns in LA!! Sign by @lavieenrose410 photo by @erinmilk

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The hashtag #dykesigns is full of treasures from #womensmarch like this #lesbianfarmers kiss

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Marissa Higgins

Marissa Higgins

Marissa Higgins is the editor of Green Matters. Her work has appeared in the Washington Post, Slate, Salon, NPR, and elsewhere.