#LGBTQHatesTrumpParty is over the Republican candidate’s pandering

Sage Alston is 19-year-old who hopes to raise enough money to go to college in the fall. He also goes by the handle @MADBLACKTWINK. So when he saw Donald Trump’s tweet about the Orlando shooting yesterday, he was, well, mad.

Alston told the Daily Dot through direct message, “I started the hashtag because, with the recent events that happened in Orlando, political leaders such as Donald Trump has used it to his advantage to exploit the LGBTQ [community] to push his anti-Muslim agenda, when he hasn’t stood for us before, made no relief efforts, just a proposed ban on Muslims.”

Alston started #LGBTQHatesTrumpParty on Tuesday afternoon, and by Tuesday evening, it was the No. 1 trending hashtag on Twitter worldwide. 

Alston did not expect the hashtag to start trending, but he says the response from the LGBT community has been encouraging. And to the Trump supporters who have been responding to the hashtag with vitrol, Alston has this message: “People say, ‘[But your] community is about love and peace,’ when equality doesn’t come from being peaceful at all. We’re allowed to dislike a political leader, and people feel that [because] we’re anti-Trump that we’re also pro-Hillary.”

Alston hopes the hashtag sends an important message to Trump and other politicians who offer their sympathy for Orlando but have a history of opposing LGBT rights. “Don’t selectively care about our struggles to promote your personal and political agenda. We’re not a card you can use, or a way to gain votes, and we are not your platform for hate.”

Lyz Lenz

Lyz Lenz

Lyz Lenz is currently the managing editor of the Rumpus. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Jezebel, the Columbia Journalism Review, and Mashable.