LGBT community livid after lesbian escorted out of women’s bathroom


Photo via Mary Looper/Facebook

Mary Looper says that she was treated unfairly during a Carrie Underwood concert.

A lesbian woman reports that she was escorted out of the Staples Center’s women’s bathroom because security believed she was a man.

Mary Looper, who was attending a Carrie Underwood concert with her aunt at the Los Angeles venue on Sept. 15, posted about the hurtful turn of events on her Facebook page.

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“Thanks everyone for the kind words,” Looper wrote in the post’s comments. “I get mistaken for a man all the time… It’s no secret. But, for the fact that their woman employee waited outside my stall for proof that I was a woman, didn’t believe me off my voice… That’s what hurt and had me shocked. I didn’t wanna stir anything up but never ever thought I’d be treated like that in a woman’s restroom in L.A., in the Staples Center. Just a bummer it went that far.”

Several of Looper’s friends took to the Staples Center Facebook page to leave negative reviews after hearing about her experience.

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Staples Center did not reply to any of the comments. Despite the unfortunate experience, Looper later posted that she had made the best of it.


“The other stuff kinda put a damper on the night but Swon Brothers, Easton Corbin, and Carrie Underwood were fantastic,” she wrote.

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