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Start 2017 with the coding classes you’ve been meaning to take

Choose your price, and get 156 hours of lessons in return.


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Whether you’re looking to change your career or learn valuable new skills, this Learn to Code 2017 Bundle is filled with instruction on the latest, most relevant technologies.

This bundle includes 10 different courses totaling 156 hours of instruction. You’ll learn everything from how to build complex Rails websites, to web development staples like HTML and Javascript. Most importantly, this brand new bundle is completely relevant and up-to-date, and we all know learning outdated technology is just about the most useless way to spend your time.

The best part? You name your own price. There’s no catch: no matter what dollar amount you name, you’ll still walk away with something great. But beat the advertised average price, and you’ll walk away with the entire bundle.

Learn on your own time, in your own way, with instant lifetime access to all courses upon purchase. New Year’s resolution: new career. You can get the Learn to Code 2017 Bundle from the Daily Dot store for whatever price you choose. It’s valued at $1,573, meaning you’re in a win-win situation, no matter what.  

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