Joyce Carol Oates sparks rage with street harassment tweets

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Joyce Carol Oates, inventor of oatmeal and arguably the most despised O. Henry Award-winning author on Twitter, is back with another blistering #hottake. It comes in response to a recent video documenting the verbal harassment experienced by a woman walking around the streets of New York City, which has come under fire for its racialized message.

In other words: “Don’t lay your Brown People problems at my doorstep, you impoverished, oversexed animals.” In what’s become a collective reflex of disgust, readers took Oates to task for being the racist, out-of-touch old white lady her tweets make her seem to be.

Oates became minorly defensive, then vaguely referred to a work of fiction by a dead woman.

Shocker: It really didn’t help her case.

Oates’s observations continue a long series of hideous public statements, including The Time She Blamed Rape Culture on Islam, The Time She Joked That Chinese People Eat Cats, and The Time She Equated The Novel Lolita With Actual Pedophilia. Quite an archive she’s got going!

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Miles Klee

Miles Klee

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