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The internet has fallen in love with Janet, the female superhero created by a 10-year-old

Finally, a scissor-carrying, jerk-smacking hero only to herself.


Christine Friar


Posted on Aug 10, 2017   Updated on May 22, 2021, 9:02 pm CDT

Everyone, say hello to Janet.

She is a green-skinned superhero who “cuts people in half with giant scissors,” and she’s the creation of a 10-year-old named Luca who drew her at art camp earlier this summer.

According to Luca’s description, “(she’s a hero only to herself).” Inspiring.

Luca’s mom, Amanda, shared the drawing on Twitter probably expecting a few favs and replies, but within hours, the photo had racked up thousands of likes and RTs. Maybe it’s the bloody scissors, the efficient green bob, or her “twig that she smacks the jerks down with”—but something about Janet is speaking to adults too. So much so that they’re sending Janet fan art back to Luca via her mom.

Here is Janet tossing up a peace sign with her scissors slung across her back like a bow:

And it just… kept… coming:

According to Luca, Janet’s powers are that her stick glows when she’s near a rude person, and she’s comfortable being on her own team—Janet can get any job done by herself.

“The Earth is filled to the brim with bullies,” Luca said to Cosmo in an email. “People everywhere have stopped sticking up for each other. There’s a jerk around every corner. The world is cold. The will to be strong is fading. And somebody needs to put that right. Janet. From a world outside our own, Janet is coming.”

One brand even worked some #spon in, creating a logo for all of the superhero’s monogramming needs:

And yes, there was some light cosplay involved:

Luca told Cosmo she chose Janet because it’s “a normal name.”

“She could be anybody, but she’s not like anybody,” Luca explained. “She’s really strong, in her mind and her body, and she does her own thing. She doesn’t have time for jerks. And she doesn’t give warnings. Janet is my perfect hero.”

And just like that, a star is born.

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*First Published: Aug 10, 2017, 9:12 am CDT