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These plates were designed to help you create the perfect Instagram shot

When can we order them online?


Jam Kotenko


Posted on May 8, 2015   Updated on May 28, 2021, 9:20 pm CDT

Have you ever decided to Instagram your meal and thought it would look like this …only to have it end up looking more like thisWhat if you had a perfectly-shaped plate designed specifically for food photography so that you never took a horribly lit #foodporn shot again?

A restaurant in Tel Aviv and an Israeli winery decided to cater to the food-and-photography-adoring public with a project called Foodography. It’s an apt name for a special event that will have you learning the basics of photography while being plied with five courses of delectable eats.

But the most enticing part of the class may be the props. Israel’s Carmel Winery, which devised the idea for the project, also commissioned ceramic artist Witnesses Nissani to design two photogenic plates that enhance your Instagram game.

The first plate, the 360, is mounted on a central axis that lets you spin it and take continuous footage of your meal, ensuring that you get every angle before you dig in. This will certainly help you capture the careful art of pouring sauce all over your meats, turn the result into an indisputably like-worthy Instagram video.


The other plate, called the Limbo, is a basic plain backdrop in curved ceramic-plate form. Gone are the days of pushing cutlery out of the frame and blurring objects in the background that ruin your shot. This dish ensures that you get that perfect ‘gram every single time.


The two plates are clearly must-haves for Instagram lovers, but for now, they are only available for Foodography participants, who will also receive expert advice from noted Israeli food photographer Dan Peretz.

The Foodography event—which features a five-course dinner prepared by Meir Adoni, owner of Catit restaurant—will cost $155 per person. There’s also the cost of a flight to Tel Aviv, but if you’re willing to pay almost $200 to learn how to photograph your meals, you probably won’t let a plane ticket stand in your way.

Here are some photos from the event’s official Instagram hashtag #fdgr:

H/T PSFK | Screengrab via BBRChannel/YouTube

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*First Published: May 8, 2015, 2:28 pm CDT