instacart customer holds up bag of Doritos, which appears to have been opened and taped shut with bright orange tape at the top of the bag


‘You can clearly tell that this was cut open and then taped, which is really sketchy to me’: Instacart customer says they received tampered bag of Doritos with order

Some viewers believe the alleged tampering is just a manufacturing mishap.


Lauren Castro


In a series of videos, TikToker Harmonie (@mybodymychoice6969) claims her food could be poisoned after her Instacart order arrived with an unusual bag of Doritos. The bag stuck out to the creator because what appeared to be a light orange stripe of tape was wrapped around the top of the bag.

“Okay Instacart, you got some explaining to do,” she says in her initial clip. “On the back of the bag, you can clearly tell that this was cut open and then taped, which is really sketchy to me.”

@mybodymychoice6969 @Instacart now what! #scammed #poison #explainthis ♬ original sound – Harmonie

Harmonie wonders aloud why the shopper would even pick that specific bag of chips since it has clearly been tampered with, and says she was afraid the tampering could mean the food was poisoned.

The creator also claims other items that she did not order were on her receipt. 

In the comments section, users shared their theories and advice.

“Instacart shoppers will add items to big orders and keep them so they don’t have to pay for it., especially with big orders,” one user claimed.

“They changed the film on the machine and the packer missed this messed up bag. How did the store not catch it?” another asked.

“That’s why u go to the store yourself to buy what u need,” a third user suggested.

In a second video, Harmonie asks for help in blowing her video up with likes and views as she become more concerned over what could be in the bag. She also asks her followers if she should go to the police and get it tested.

@mybodymychoice6969 I’m really concerned, should I call the police and have it tested? @instacart #poison #traffickingawarenes #scammedonadoptme ##wtf ♬ original sound – Harmonie

“I just got off the phone with Instacart support and I was explaining to them [that] I’m glad you gave me a refund but is there a way to escalate this so we can talk about the safety concern behind this,” she explains in the clip. According to Harmonie, Instacart responded, claiming there was no way to bring the issue to the safety department. 

“I just have so many questions and I want Instacart to be aware,” she adds.

The Daily Dot reached out to Harmonie via TikTok comment and Instacart via email.

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