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‘$17 for tilapia?! They’ve lost their mind’: IHOP customer blasts people who order grilled tilapia at the breakfast chain, sparking debate

‘One time, my friend ordered their ‘thanksgiving dinner’ in like July.’


Jack Alban


A TikToker who goes by GONER (@crygoner) on the popular social media platform called out IHOP customers who order grilled tilapia from the popular breakfast food chain.

The creator touches on a sentiment that many people seem to have about folks who frequent businesses that have distinct specialties, but then go and order something from that chain that is outside the realm of what they’re known for. It would be akin to visiting Shake Shack and only getting a chicken sandwich or heading to Dunkin’ Donuts just to buy a bottle of Diet Coke from its fridge.

@crygoner serious question please answer #fyp #ihop ♬ original sound – GONER

In the clip, the creator is looking over the IHOP menu and focuses in on the grilled tilapia menu option. If you aren’t familiar with the fish, it has become popular in recent years as the species is easily farmed, is high in protein, and is considered an extremely healthy protein that can be purchased at a reasonable price.

Interestingly enough, there are no records of the fish’s consumption in the United States prior to 1992. However, because of its ease of production, and known as a high-protein seafood option, a heavy marketing push culminated in it being offered at more dining establishments throughout the United States. Bulk retailers carry frozen filets of the fish, and it’s so popular that even the international house of pancakes sells it.

Despite its popularity, the TikToker wonders what kind of person goes to a popular breakfast chain to order grilled fish.

“Yo, so, if you go to IHOP and you order the grilled tilapia, what’s going on? Like what trauma you dealing with right now?” he says in the short clip.

IHOP’s official TikTok account responded to the video, commenting, “The trauma is called hunger.” However, there were other viewers who offered up their own theories in the comments section.

Some folks agreed with him, stating that it was “pointless” to go to IHOP and order something like this, while others stated at least the chain offered lower-calorie, protein-dense meals for those want to dine out while getting their macros in for the day. And then there were those who couldn’t believe the pricing of the meal, as the tilapia that was being served at IHOP was most probably frozen, they speculated.

“I think it’s for Catholics,” one user offered.

“They’re known for their fresh seafood,” another viewer wrote.

“16.29? for frozen fish?” a user asked.

Others shared their own similar experiences with odd food choices at restaurants.

“Bro one time my friend ordered their ‘thanksgiving dinner’ in like July,” a user shared.

“I get it, and it’s a value at $17. I order mine with a large glass of iced milk,” another wrote.

One user questioned the incredulity of the menu choice, writing, “Like what choices led to that decision.”

As much slander as the IHOP tilapia received in the comments section, however, there were some who advocated for its tastiness.

“It’s actually really good,” one user claimed.

“It’s a healthy meal,” another viewer agreed.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and IHOP via email for further information.

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