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‘If you think this is a flex you’re perfect for him’: Woman’s husband works throughout their entire international flight, sparking debate

‘Watch my husband start our vacation off by not paying any attention to me.’


Braden Bjella


A TikToker is sparking debate and discussion after posting a video of her husband working throughout an entire international flight. 

The journey, which eventually took the couple to Portugal, was documented by user Arla (@arlaxh). In every shot, her husband can be seen working, either on a phone call, on the computer, or doing something else related to business.

While Arla seemed to be capturing the experience just for fun, when the video was posted to TikTok, users got upset and claimed that Arla was glorifying a toxic work relationship.

Arla’s video currently has over 1.1 million views.

@arlaxh He’s so crazy. #privateequitylife #husbandsoftiktok #financetok ♬ Lazy Sunday – Official Sound Studio

In comments, users flamed Arla for her apparent celebration of the worklife visible in the video.

“Honestly that’s not a flex. That’s sad,” wrote one user.

“Watch my husband start our vacation off by not paying any attention to me,” another added.

“No boundaries! Very sad,” a third agreed.

On average, Americans work 1,767 hours per year—an incredibly high number when compared with other OECD nations. For example, Germans work more than 400 fewer hours when compared to Americans, while enjoying other benefits like guaranteed healthcare and paid maternity. 

Furthermore, Americans frequently have little work-life separation. A 2016 study conducted by market researcher OnePoll noted that over 60% of Americans report difficulties dividing their work and personal lives, with nearly half of polled Americans reporting they “never have time to relax.”

This is understandable given other common behaviors of American workers. For example, over 75% of polled Americans say they send emails after work hours. In several European countries, expecting employees to answer digital communications outside of working hours is against the law.

As one user wrote under Arla’s video, “Been there, done that….not worth all the effort and stress.”

Despite these comments, Arla appears content.

“He did upfront work so he was more free on vacation,” she explains. She later added, “One’s sadness is another’s happiness.”

After all, as one TikToker noted, “Hey if you think this is a flex, you’re perfect for him.”

We’ve reached out to Arla via TikTok comment.

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