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‘Girl what did you do to that woman’: Hotel guest berates front-desk employee for wishing her a good night, sparking debate

'That's motel behavior.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Nov 20, 2022   Updated on Nov 20, 2022, 1:17 pm CST

A hotel employee went viral on TikTok after she filmed an alleged guest cursing her out for wishing them good night.

The video features user Keyana McNeal (@keylove124) as she stands at the hotel check-in desk with a water bottle. The text overlay reads, “working at hotels be like.” After a few seconds, McNeal tells a guest to “have a good night.” The woman, who is not seen on camera but can be heard clearly, responds with, “fuck you. Do not say anything to me. You’re a bitch and have no interest in talking to you.”

The customer then attacks McNeal for the way she was drinking her water, saying that she looked like an “ignorant bitch” for “swallowing that water while smacking your lips.” The woman continues that McNeal didn’t “look cute” while drinking her water and ending it with saying “fuck you.” McNeal avoids the confrontation by telling the guest “thank you. Have a good night.” The video concludes with the guest asking for a man named Chris and McNeal pointing to where her co-worker was.

According to McNeal’s caption, this was her “first time seeing this lady.”

@keylove124 Yall this was my first time seeing this lady 💀#fypage #viralvideo #hotellife #helpme #whohiring #customerservice #newjersey ♬ Have A Goodnight – Keyana McNeal

The video amassed 4.6 million views as of Sunday, where viewers shared what they would’ve done in McNeal’s shoes.

“Girl I would have died laughing and said I said have a good day lmao,” one viewer shared.

“The way I would’ve busted out laughing in her face to make her even more mad,” another echoed.

“Better than me “ya mama” would’ve been my first instinct,” a third wrote.

However, people had a difficult time believing this was McNeal’s first encounter with the woman, speculating how something must have occurred before she started recording the video. 

“Nah the way you said ‘have a good night’ something transpired before lmao,” one person said.

“The passive aggressive ‘have a good night’ for me… SOMETHING happened. Lol. #storytime,” a second agreed.

“The tone in ‘have a good niiiite’ kinda tells a part of the story u may have left out,” a third pointed out.

“No way she crashed that bad for no reason,” another commented.

With so many people kept requesting a story time, McNeal posted a follow-up video explaining what happened. According to McNeal, the hotel kicked the woman out because she had already cursed out some of the guests earlier that day. Apparently, McNeal didn’t know how the woman looked, so when she greeted the guest after clocking in, she also received some of the woman’s ire by being called a “bitch.” The next time McNeal saw the guest, she knew it would be the woman’s last time inside the hotel, so she says she decided to be petty and bid her goodnight just to film her reaction.

@keylove124 Here Yall Go #storytime #hotelworker #viralvideo #yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy #ask #customerservice #hospitality ♬ original sound – Keyana McNeal

McNeal explains that despite being subjected to the woman’s hostility, she merely stood there and kept quiet as she didn’t want to go “back and forth with an 80 year old woman.”

“I work in customer service so I deal with, like, these types of people all the time,” she says in the clip.

The Daily Dot reached out to McNeal for comment via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Nov 20, 2022, 12:17 pm CST