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Desperate hospitals have turned to the medical fetish community for protective equipment

Masks, needles, and probes, oh my!


Matt Silverman


Amid worldwide shortages of personal protective equipment (PPE), someone at the U.K.’s National Health Service reached out to the medical fetish retailer MedFetUK, hoping to find a stock of masks or scrubs.

MedFetUK immediately delivered, donating its entire supply (usually sold for sex play) to a hospital.

While Justin, the co-founder of the company, says it was obviously “the right thing to do,” thousands on Twitter quickly gathered round to cheer the small fetish company and also collectively wonder: What *is* a medical fetish, anyway?

This week on 2 GIRLS 1 PODCAST, Alli and Jen talk to Justin about the diverse world of MedFet, its roots in BDSM, the variety of equipment used in roleplay (including needles!), and whether the current pandemic is affecting the community.

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