Hillary Clinton with 'That which does not kill us makes us stronger. - Friedrich Nietzsche (and Kelly Clarkson)' quote

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14 passages from Hillary Clinton’s new book that are straight fire

Haters gonna hate, but there’s no denying Hill can deliver a sick burn.


Nayomi Reghay



Hillary Clinton’s new book dropped Tuesday, and the internet had plenty to say about What Happened. Haters gonna hate. But Hillary’s no stranger to haters, as those who plunged into her reflections on the 2016 election soon found out.

The book is chock full of gems and zingers. From deep wisdom, to sick burns, to cheeky pop culture references, Hillary keeps the hits coming.

Let us share some of the internet’s favorite moments from the book.

For starters, there’s this perfect skewering of Jason Chafetz, or as Hillary calls him, “wannabe Javert.”

Then there’s that moment when she calls Trump a filthy pig, while sharing a bit of wisdom from Bill.


Hillary also lets us in on some secrets. For one, she’s a “lifelong fan of school supplies.”


And she, too, lived off of chicken nuggets on the campaign trail.

Some secrets are more somber and sobering. Remember all those grinning selfies with women in the Chappaqua woods? Adoring supporters weren’t the only ones who approached Hillary post-election. A handful of women also approached Hillary to say how sorry they were that they hadn’t supported. And, in her typical no nonsense fashion, Hillary had a hard time feeling sorry for them.

Oh, and if you’ve crossed Hillary, you better believe she’s got you on her list.

Hillary doesn’t forget.

But Hillary shares more than sharp observations and cutting remarks. She also recalls the Women’s March fondly.


And waxes poetic about the pains of humility.

She shares her admiration for how her mother broke a cycle of abuse to form a loving, nurturing home.


Hillary also shares some of her own favorite inspirational quotes. And they are powerful stuff.

Like when she quotes Nietzsche and Kelly Clarkson at the same damn time.

She draws wisdom from historic feminists like Eleanor Roosevelt.


And Harriet Tubman.

There’s a poetic echo of Tubman’s advice in this quote from poet Rainer Maria Rilke.


And this inspirational gem from A League of Their Own.


Hillary urges us to look at the dark underbelly of misogyny.

And while she knows there are plenty of people who would like her to give up, and stop talking…

…Hillary reminds us repeatedly that trying again and again with no promise of success is something we’re obligated to do.


In the end, Hillary’s book is about more than a run for the presidency. It’s about life and all the obstacles it throws our way and having the courage to keep going.

And that, ladies and gents, is straight fire.

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