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‘It was very painful’: Woman says hairstylist blocked her and posted about her online after her hair started falling out

‘Can’t believe she’s playing the victim card now on IG.’


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In a viral video posted Aug. 27, a TikToker known as @licious.nails shared her experience with well-known Redlands, California hairstylist Anna Bianca Hair. After having an itchy and inflamed scalp, the creator reached out to the stylist—only to be blocked. 

“I got my hair done on July 7 and I was in love with the LOOK of my hair,” @licious.nails writes via text overlay in the video. “Then, not even two weeks later, I reached out because I noticed hair being ripped out my scalp.”

@licious.nails 😭 such a bummer, I was so excited to get my hair done with her.. #foryou #fyp #hairstylist #annabiancahair #redlandsca #poorinstalation #badhairstylist #unprofessional #rant #hairbreakage #viral #scam #badquality #extentions #poorly #poorlydone #painful #breakage #sad #badexperience ♬ original sound – Licious.Nails

She then shows photos of her hair and the discolored beads holding the extensions, which she sent to the hairstylist, Anna Bianca Pacino, via Instagram DM. Pacino told her to brush softly and that the client’s hair texture was “hard to blow dry.”

Three days later, the TikToker messaged Pacino again claiming that the extensions were beginning to hurt but received no response. In the video, she shared photos of her hair progression.

“After the lack of her response, I took the most painful parts and left the rest of the extensions in after a month and a few weeks later…My scalp was still very irritated,” @licious.nails wrote in the text overlay.

The TikToker reveals that she paid $1,700 to get her hair done, including color, extensions, and installation, and had hoped to make them last so as to not waste the money she had spent. Her next appointment came up and she decided to cancel at the last minute, causing Pacino to block her and go on a rant on her Instagram stories. 

“I am greatly disappointed that I didn’t get a response when I reached out regarding how uncomfortable I was,” the creator said in the cancellation message via DM. “There was so much tension. It was very painful.”

Pacino, before blocking her, responded saying she would have accommodated her if she was told, informed her of other ways to contact her, and loosely apologized for her experience. In her Instagram rant, Pacino claimed that @licious.nails canceled her appointment because she didn’t like the way her hair was done previously. 

In the comments section, some users share similar experiences with the same hairstylist while others offered their advice.

“There is NO excuse for her not responding when you reached out the first time. Can’t believe she’s playing the victim card now on IG,” one user said.

“She throws SHADE at you cuz you ‘stood her up’ BUT SHE COMPLETELY IGNORED YOUR ‘what’s your availability’ and played victim LIKE HUHHHH????????” another commented.

“THE SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME WITH THE EXACT SAME SALON AND SHE RESPONDED THE SAME WAY!! Blocked me and went on a rant on Instagram…,” a third user said.

In a follow-up video, the creator shared text messages she received from Pacino since the TikTok was posted claiming she was receiving threats. The creator was then given a full refund. 

“I can’t breathe. I had no idea the impact this would do on my business and family,” Pacino said via text messages. “I’m sorry.”

@licious.nails UPDATE: She refunded me the full amount. I appreciate you all that stood up for me🤍 (Reposting because her personal information was shown in the last video.) #fyp #foryou #hairstylist ♬ Beat Automotivo Tan Tan Tan Viral – WZ Beat

In the comments section, users weighed in on the response by Pacino.

“She also made it seem like she only gave you a refund because she was getting threats, not because her work was bad,” one user said.

“She should’ve refunded you before this & not gone on a rant- so unprofessional,” another commented.

“This gives off not sorry until you got caught vibes,” a third user said.

In the last video addressing the situation, @licious.nails urged her followers to stop sending threatening messages to Pacino.

“My intention when posting the video was to possibly stop others from having the same experience because I wish I would’ve known before I booked with her,” she wrote in the Notes app. 

@licious.nails ‼️Please stop the threats towards her , thank you! #fyp #haistylist #foryou #awareness ♬ original sound – Licious.Nails

The creator clarified that she will not take down the videos in hopes to warn others of Pacino’s services. She also shared comments and messages others have sent her regarding their bad experiences at the same salon.

The Daily Dot reached out to @licious.nails via Instagram DM and Pacino via email.

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