Customer puts in-store Starbucks locations on blast after a frustrating ordeal with an inexperienced barista

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‘It’s like going to the DMV for a broken arm’: Customer puts in-store Starbucks locations on blast after barista ‘didn’t know anything about coffee’

'No more cosplay Starbucks stores.'


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Posted on Apr 2, 2023

A TikToker who captioned her video “No more cosplay Starbucks stores” had criticisms about an in-store Starbucks location and the iced Americano she ordered.

The TikTok comes courtesy of creator Heather Shaw, and it’s gathered more than 335,000 views as of Sunday morning.

She starts, “I made the mistake this morning of going into a Starbucks within a store. You know what I mean? Not like it’s not the actual Starbucks. It’s a Starbucks cosplaying as a Starbucks inside of like a grocery store. What a mistake.”

She then started in on the barista, observing, “This poor kid behind the Starbucks counter … I don’t think he knew anything about coffee. He was probably stocking shelves the week prior and they were like, ‘We have nobody to cover at Starbucks. You’re gonna have to go do it.'”

She likened the situation to if she were a bartender, “And then they were like, ‘The garage is short today; you’re gonna have to go fix the cars,” and I’m like, ‘I just make Long Island Iced Teas.'”

@heathershawwww No more starbucks cosplay stores please #gay #fart #starbucks ♬ original sound – Heather Shaw

The episode took a turn when she had to explain to the barista that an iced Americano was four shots of espresso, some water, and some ice. She describes him looking up at the sky, noting, “Like God’s gonna tell him the recipe. You know what I mean? God’s not gonna answer that,” before he asks his customer how to make the drink.

“He’s pulling the shot. I think he only gets one shot, which is pretty impressive,” she relayed, not entirely impressed. “And as he’s pulling it, he goes ‘All right, espresso and water. What else you want in there?'”

Confused, she notes her order is pretty simple. “I don’t want syrup. I don’t want a hotdog,” she says. She then assesses, “You know, I deserve this. This is like going to the DMV for a broken arm.”

He finally produces a venti cup with one shot and some hot water in it, leading the creator to remark, “He was working at GameStop two weeks ago. I just know it. And now he’s making coffee orders at Starbucks with zero training. Nobody trained this kid. So, lesson learned, if I want coffee, go to a coffee shop.”

She also adds, “You know, also he was really proud of the drink he made. He was so proud. I couldn’t take that away from him. He was beaming.”

Commenters were inspired to add their observations.

One offered, “He called his mom afterwards to tell her he made his first Americano.”

Another cracked, “When I see a certain kid at the Harris Teeter Starbucks, I just laugh because who knows what I’m going to get.”

A few revealed they have been that barista and asserted they did not have the adequate training. “

“I covered 30 minutes in the Target Starbucks once,” which several other commenters referred to as the TarBucks. “Everyone got a latte because that’s all they showed me how to do.”

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and to a Starbucks rep via email.

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*First Published: Apr 2, 2023, 9:56 am CDT