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‘Will not be doing this again’: Customer says grocery delivery driver substituted mouthwash for electric toothbrush

‘Who makes these decisions?’


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A TikToker went on a viral rant that’s accumulated nearly 160,000 likes against British supermarket chain Asda for a massive substitution flub that left her with a bottle of mouthwash and 24 kiwis.

“Asda us will pay for ur crimes,” Mel (@trapmoneymelly) writes in a text overlay of her TikTok before she launches into a tirade over the items the store decided to swap out for the electric toothbrush and brown coconuts she ordered.

Her biggest gripe was with the fact that she couldn’t comprehend the logic behind giving a customer a bottle of “budget” mouthwash that cost less than a pound over an electric toothbrush she says cost 54 British pounds sterling.

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“I literally have a question I need to ask: when you do food online shopping and an item isn’t available and they pick a substitution, is it a computer that picks it or is it a person?” Mel begins. “Because the fuckery that we experienced the other day—it just doesn’t make sense. Like the substitution is just so far left I don’t understand it.”

Mel explains that she needed some brown coconuts, but the only store that sells them is Asda, which is over 30 minutes away. As a result, Mel decided to place an online delivery order for the coconuts and threw in an electric toothbrush as well.

“Now, we’re expecting an electric toothbrush and some coconuts. And what did we receive? We didn’t receive an electric toothbrush. Instead…” she says, holding up a bottle of mouthwash to the camera.

“We received Just Essentials by Asda which is like a budget brand of mouthwash, OK cool, great replacement for a 50-pound toothbrush,” she says. “And then we received one, two, three, four packets of kiwis. This is twenty-four kiwis in my hand right now.”

Mel holds up the bags of kiwis to the camera. “Now, how does twenty-four kiwis equate to a few brown coconuts?” she asks.

She continued to rant at the lack of logic in the replacements that were issued for her items, wondering whether the replacements were selected by a computer or an employee. “Who makes these decisions? I need to know, is it a computer? Or is it a person?” she questions. “Because if you are a person and you think a few coconuts is equivalent to twenty-four fucking kiwis, we need to have words.”

Mel also notes that a regular toothbrush would make more sense as a substitution than the mouthwash she received.

“You could’ve even given me a one-pound toothbrush and that would’ve made more sense than this,” she says. “You could’ve given me Listerine, babe. But you gave me this.”

She concludes, “We just wanted coconuts and now we’re stuck with twenty-four kiwis and a mouthwash. Thank you, Asda, will not be doing this again.”

Judging from the responses from other TikTokers in the comments section of Mel’s video, they too have experienced the pains of receiving bizarre substitutions for their delivery items.

“This is exactly why I turn the substitutes off,” one user penned.

Another remarked, “I ordered formula for my daughter and got a pregnancy test.”

A third claimed, “I ordered kiwi fruit but I got kiwi shoe polish instead”

There were plenty of users with delivery horror stories.

Another Asda customer said that every meat product in their order was replaced with chicken nuggets. “They subbed every meat product (ie chicken, mince, beef) for a pack of nuggets. I had 144 nuggets instead,” they said.

Others even said that their raw food items were replaced with appliances. “I was rejecting a substitution when the driver told me about one he did where the person had ordered 24 eggs and got 24 individual packaged lightbulbs,” one user laughed.

This isn’t the first time someone has gone viral after speaking out against the weird substitutions they’ve received while shopping online. One Target shopper called out the store after they ordered beauty blenders and received a pair of Ninja Blenders instead.

The Daily Dot has reached out to both Mel and Asda via email for further comment.

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