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4 reasons why Google Sheets is better than Excel

And how you can master it.


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Excel is the gold standard of spreadsheet programs. We get it: it’s incredibly intricate and can handle massive amounts of data. But, we’re onboard the Google Sheets train ourselves.

To the data entry noob, Excel and Google Sheets seem pretty similar. In reality, though, they each have their strengths and weaknesses. Google Sheets gives Excel a run for its money. Here’s why.

1) It’s free.

Google Sheets is free, and a subscription to Apps for Work — a.k.a. The whole Google productivity suite — is just $5 a month. Meanwhile, a standalone version of Excel 2013 is $110, and a subscription to Office365 is $7 a month (or $70 a year). Free is always better. That’s just the honest truth.

2) It’s collaborative.

Like all Google apps, Sheets shines in the collaboration department. This is especially helpful for those who work remotely. No more emailing Excel docs back and forth between co-workers. You can edit your Sheet in real-time editing and exchange comments with whomever you please.

3) Google makes it.

Not sure if you noticed, but Google Sheets is integrated with Google. So you can import all kinds of data from other Google services and the world wide web as a whole. It’s magical. Whether you need to translate the contents of a cell, pull information from the internet directly into your spreadsheet, or search current or historical securities info from Google Finance, there’s a function for that.

4) It lets you revisit the past.

While you can’t literally go back in time, you can view your entire revision history and make changes if need be. In other words, if your co-worker Brenda screwed up your Sheet, you can go back in time and fix her mistake.

Sheets may be more modest, but it still has some intricate functionalities. Head over to the Daily Dot store to Master Google Sheets (And See Why It’s Better Than Excel) for just $18 — 93% off the original price of $297.

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