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A fitness blogger came up with a flawless response to body shamers

She showed them.


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Personal trainer Cassey Ho is an author and fitness blogger who’s constantly attacked by readers criticizing her body. Recently, she posted a video in response to the excessive criticism and body shaming she’s received online. 

“Since I’ve started YouTube, I’ve definitely been attacked here and there. I’ve learned how to deal with it by growing a thicker skin. Within the past few months though, it’s gotten really negative online. It’s actually been terrible. Not just comments, but people making full on videos trash talking my body and my techniques as a certified fitness instructor,” Ho wrote on her blog. 

In the video Ho alters her body, targeting the features that her followers criticized. She slims her waist and thighs and enlarges her bust.

“In this video, you will experience what it feels like to be constantly bombarded with outrageous negativity. You will see what it looks like to have your self esteem stripped away. You will read real comments left by real people. You will see me struggle with my own appearance,” Ho wrote to her blog followers.

Ho also posted the final, comically Photoshopped version of her body on Instagram, without telling her followers the image was doctored. Surprisingly, she found that while some followers praised her altered appearance, others still had negative things to say about her body.

“What worries me is this: 1. That some people think this is real and that it should be ‘goals,’” Ho wrote on Instagram. “2. That some people still think it’s not good enough.”

Ho is asking everyone to share her video in an effort to combat widespread body shaming.

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