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Screengrab via Mark_Essig/Twitter

Adorable ’emotional support duck’ spotted on airplane

‘His gentle quacking eases the sadness of leaving.’


Brianna Holt


We’ve all seen emotional support dogs in public. It’s the norm to spot one at a mall, or grocery store. But an emotional support duck on an airplane is a different story.  

Mark Essig was headed to Asheville, North Carolina, when he noticed a duck wearing a Captain America diaper and red shoes on his flight. After getting some clarification from the ducks owner, Essig realized the duck was an emotional support animal.

Essig documented the experience on Twitter, stating that the duck’s name is Daniel, a 4-year-old Indian Runner that cannot fly.

In photos and a video shared online, the duck can be seen looking out a window and wagging its tail.

So much more interesting than watching a movie on the plane.

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